Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy 2007!

And welcome to the new blog. It's New Year's Day, 2007, and it seems appropriate to launch the new blog today, even though a lot of the content isn't, ahem, done yet.

My resolutions for 2007:

KNIT FROM THE STASH. I inventoried the stash yesterday. I do not need to buy yarn for a long time. Today I plan to spend some time (if it rains as predicted) matching stash yarn to stash patterns, and then I will have A List of Future Projects!

EXERCISE EVERY DAY. Yes, really. I have an elliptical trainer and a yoga mat and free weights and zero excuses. My rude awakening came a few months ago when our office went bowling and my knees and back showed every minute of my 48 years. I need to get my weight down and my fitness level up, at this stage of my life it's not optional. I do not want to deteriorate like this.

SLEEP, WATER, VITAMINS. You know the drill.

MANICURES. My nails will not be unkempt. I accept the fact that I cannot function with long nails, I can only admire them on others, but I can at least keep my own short nails polished in something pale and flattering.

It all comes down to priorities, and my overriding resolution for 2007 is to make myself a priority. I have a bad case of Good Girl Syndrome, and Caregiveritis, and I worry about everything and everybody, from work projects to my elderly mother down to and including a dirty look from the cat when the litterbox is less than fresh as a daisy.

Oh, and my other resolution? Drink more champagne. And a few pieces of really good chocolate are good for the heart.

January's horoscope Sounds good to me.


Debi said...

Love the new digs! Happy New Year Catherine!!

poormary said...

Happy New Year, Catherine. Looks like you are off to a great start!!

Geogrrl said...

I'll miss the old digs, but I understand the need to move on and the fresh start. Remembering your old posts, you are--but at the same time aren't--the same person you were a year or two ago. This new blog is nice--very classy.

In that stash--is there any more of that Steinbech Wolle sock yarn that would like another home?

Bess said...

wee ha, sugar! Love the new blog. It's got a fresh chocolaty look to it.

I am SO envious - and proud of you - for the eliptical goals. I love the one at our gym. I found a train for a walking marathon challenge in the WW magazine and that's the one I'm going to try this year. Other workouts too - but I like the program the woman mapped out. I know I can walk 4 miles, but I wonder... 13 miles? What an interesting goal.

Happy New Year, sugar. May all sorts of good things come your way.