Monday, January 29, 2007

My son is so cute

and not just because he is Orlando Bloom-like in looks. He's cute because he is a Florida Boy, and is living in the mountains of NC, and is absolutely blown away by seasons, and things like cold and, oh my GOD, SNOW! He loves snow. Snow is pretty. He's 26 and snow makes him 10 years old. Of course, he has an adult's fear of driving on slippery mountain roads and has been cautious as hell, but the cold and the snow are still exciting. He is wearing the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino scarf I made for him, and appreciates the wisdom of wearing a scarf. He even cut the tags off a sweater I bought him that he'd never worn, and now he appreciates sweaters. I may have to knit him one now that he sees their value. He also wants gloves. They got to a high of 30 today. I think this may be the coldest he's been since infancy - he was born in DC but raised in FL since he was in diapers. He'd heard about cold weather, but never really lived in it aside from a brief tour in Raleigh, NC when he was in middle school, and that winter was damp and bone-chilling but not bitterly cold.

We figured out something on the phone, and it makes perfect sense. He said that if he'd moved up there in the dead of winter he'd have hated it, but by moving up in August, he got to experience seasons and by the time it got down to minus 2 last night, he was not ready for it, because nobody is, but he was accepting of the idea of cold. In Florida, it's 75, 75, 30, 65. I am not kidding. On Sunday I didn't need a sweater, tonight we will have a freeze, and by Wednesday I won't need a sweater. The body can't adapt to cold here, it's just a shocking temporary thing. And it means dead plants and it's annoying, because we do not get snow or any offsetting winter things. Just BAM, FREEZING, then mild again. Nobody can adjust, because there is no adjustment, it's warm to FREEZING to warm.

On the plus side, I have been using the Clapotis. I love the Clapotis. I will love the hell out of it tomorrow morning when I leave for work and it's 30 degrees and I own a 15 year old leather jacket as a winter coat. The Clapotis makes me feel cosy and warm. If my neck is warm, I am warm. In a month I'll be working on a cotton tank and it will be getting warm again, but for now, that Clapotis is delightful. In three days it will be 70 degrees again.

I'm knitting - I have a hat and a scarf on needles. Not a set. Probably both for charity, because in 3 days it will be 70 degrees again.


km said...

Your son looks like Orlando Bloom?
(This begs some sort of comment, but really, I'm too old.)
I'm glad he's enjoying winter. It is a good thing, really.

Catherine said...

His sister swears that it is only because they are both usually scruffy and unshaven-looking, but yeah, I've heard that from several sources. I didn't really see it myself, but then I didn't really pay any attention to OB. Now that I've finally seen Pirates, years after the rest of the planet, I agree, there's a resemblance.

km said...

See? Winter is entertaining, in a, 'you didn't really expect things to go according to plan", Lutheran Church lady leave 15 minutes early sort of way.