Friday, February 2, 2007

Horoscope for February

My favorite astrologer is way off the mark this month.

"A shortfall of spending money will find you at the peak of frustration at the full moon February 2. Talk to your banker, family, or friends to see if anyone has any ideas about how you can generate cash quickly. One configuration in your chart suggests that a female friend might recommend a source that never occurred to you."

Her predictions for this month are all about money, money, money, and dire things about money. Of all of the insane crap going on in my life on any given day, money is not part of it, my finances aren't a concern. I'm not rich by any means, but I am able to pay the bills and put money into savings and have a little fun, and that's all I really want. And I am getting a fat raise this month and a profit-sharing check next week. So, sorry Ms. Miller, you blew it for me this month. It's February 2 and I have had only good financial news so far.

She predicts that I might meet someone on the job - perhaps we'll hire a single engineer who isn't excessively engineer-like. Yeah, as if.


chris said...

I thought her predictions were way off this month too - hrumph!!! Leo's is full of doom and gloom - I feel like she turned into the guy at the corner with the sandwich board saying "end of days"!

km said...

I think I'm supposed to find love. I think she says that every month.