Sunday, February 18, 2007

Look, actual knitting! It is a scarf, posed in a puddle on my desk chair. And the colors are true. I love it, even if it does have mohair in it.

But not as much as I love these - how cool are THESE??? Why didn't someone tell me that Ralph Lauren has these nifty little plastic baggies of paint, so you can swatch on your walls? Right now I'm leaning toward the one in the middle, Sisal. Girl is all about the darker one, but I think that's too much - I may put it on an accent wall. Then the bedding will be all hot tropical colors. I don't want to make a Manly Room, just a room a male buyer would subconsciously think, "Aaahhh... I could live here." They are posed on my bathroom vanity, which is not behind the bathroom door but in an alcove off the master bedroom, so the colors have to flow. I could go with the darker color against the vanity and create a contrast area. Hmmm.... My goal is to make the vanity not look like something you want to grab a crowbar and rip outta the room ASAP. I'm thinking Drama.

Boris worried that Murphy looked like roadkill. Murphy is not snarling at him, that is actually a smile, and no, he's not missing any teeth, his hair is just covering them. But you can understand why Boris thought a truck had come through the living room.

Okay, now this is comfort.


Restless Knitter said...

Sisal is a great color but it was too dark for the room I wanted to use it for. Maybe in our next house.

If you have a Sherwin Williams near, they'll create a sample quart for $5. A little more expensive than the RL samples but you have a broader choice of colors you can sample.

Catherine said...

I'm very familiar with Sherwin Williams, and HD and Lowe's wil both make a sample quart too, but a quart is really a lot of paint when all you need is a swatch on the wall. I've narrowed it down to three choices already, and suspect I'll end up with Sisal. My bedroom is big and gets a LOT of sunlight, so it can handle a dark color on the walls. Or I may do Sisal on two walls and a lighter color on the other two - I haven't decided.