Sunday, March 18, 2007

I start my day with tea and Tylenol.

I'm out of the prescription pain meds, and they didn't do much for me anyway. I wake up in the morning with a dull headache right above my eyebrows - like a hangover without the party. I was warned that daily headaches can go on for at least a month after a misadventure like this.

And - and this is truly weird - I've lost my taste for coffee. Even Starbucks. 30 years of daily coffee drinking and now it tastes yucky! I'm hoping that will come back in time, but right now, coffee tastes bitter and unpleasant.

I am so sick of being cooped up in the house. Today L is picking me up for an afternoon outing - I feel like an old lady getting sprung from the nursing home for a treat. I am feeling a little better every day, so this week I'm going to get out and do things. I haven't been to Target in over a month! That is just wrong! Girl and I are going to go shopping and run errands and not sit in the house like slugs, because it is way too easy to get lazy. Thursday I go back to the neurosurgeon, and then we'll see how much longer I'll be housebound and bored. I am not good at this, I am even getting sick of knitting. I tire easily and I have to pace myself if I want to do anything, but the more I do the better I feel.

I have a lot of things to think about - some things I can't talk about in public yet, but my future is definitely indefinite. I can say this much - Jefe was let go the day after my brain popped (no connection), the company is having another round of layoffs and my promotion ain't happening anytime soon. I am sailing off into the unknown, in so many ways.

I'm not worried - I was trying to take a nap the other day (which sends a signal to the universe for everyone to call me every half hour) and one of the calls was from a headhunter. Somehow, my resume is still in circulation. I explained to her that I wasn't in any shape for a job interview at the moment, but it was nice to feel wanted. L says her firm would hire me if I wanted to go back to law firm life, and another lawyer has been hinting that if I'm restless, I should call him. If I want to stay here and I have to get another job, I could do that (assuming my vision clears up).

I want to move, but I have to think about my finances, the housing market, where to go and how to time it. Boy has offered to come down and help me get the house ready to put on the market when the time is right. I'm hoping the housing market has hit bottom and will start to rebound, but I'm not terribly concerned. I'm in one of the hottest school districts in the country, not just the state, and houses here sell in good times and bad. Thats why we bought here. I have my fingers crossed that this choice will pay off.

My horoscope has been interesting the past few days - it has advised that I just float along with the current and see what happens. I really have no choice, but it's interesting that the advice fits.


KnitNana said...

Catherine, do get out a bit..but slowly? Ennui helps to move you that's a good sign!

You know...maybe all this was the sign that your thinking of the past months was right on, and you should be making those changes? (sometimes the universe "slaps us up side the head" - sorry, that's pretty literal in your case - and says, "HEY! You ain't doing this fast enough for what's planned for you...sooooo...Zap!")

Sounds to me as if the cosmos is reinforcing your own thinking, (((Hugs)))

Amie said...

Just wanted you to know I was here and reading and thinking of you! Is the eyesight improving at all?

Geogrrl said...

THAT's what the headache is--Target withdrawal.

Seriously, your brain going "pop" may be a signal to you that it's time to make a major change in your life. What that will be, only you will know--and you will know soon I think.

I had a similar experience before leaving a job I hated some years ago. I really should have left a year before I did. My fibroids reached a point where I was bleeding non-stop and surgery was necessary. At the same time, there were rounds of layoffs and huge reorganizations. I realized I was getting a cosmic "smack upside the head" that was telling me two things:
1. I was under WAY too much stress and getting too little reward.
2. It was time to get out of the job I hated and work full time toward what I really wanted.

Geogrrl said...

Oh, I meant to say...

You are right--the more you do, the better you will feel and the faster you recover. Just don't push yourself too hard--listen to your body and stop when you're tired. You'll find your stamina and strength will slowly improve.

The heavy-duty painkillers just make you dopy and slow. I know I got off of morphine as quickly as I could. Really, alternating acetominophen and ibruprofen every 4-6 hours did just as much for me and left me with a clearer head and more energy.

Ginnie said...

Ah, yes, the great cosmic slap upside the head. In your case, way too literally. But it is an opportunity for change, and I am not trying to be all pollyanna-ish. With your background, and skills, could you consult? It would give you an opportunity to use your knowledge and then take time off between gigs. Just a thought.

So glad you are improving. Take care-

zippiknits said...

No starbucks? That just means that your taste buds need to re-aline and then you will enjoy your coffee again. Coffee probably isn't really good for you right now, so maybe that's why if tastes bad? I think you are a blessing to the world as well as to your family, and to have you still here is wonderful, Catherine. Hugs!