Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Let's go get a blood test! Here's a map and a list of clues....

Dudley is snuggled deep in his favorite chair, and just had a vivid dream and was barking in his sleep. It was like the chair was barking.

Yesterday Girlchild had to haul her non-driving mom to a blood test. Dr. SL wants to check the level of anti-seizure meds in my blood before he lets me pick up the car keys again. Fair enough - though I never had a seizure before the day my brain popped and he says my brain is all better, he's the doctor. As long as I can drive again, I don't care. Girl is sick of Driving Miss Daisy, and she's scheduled to go back to work April 1.

First we went to the hospital, because this is where I was told to go to get it done. Sat there for at least a half an hour to get checked in, then the nice young man told us that we were in the wrong place - my insurance carrier doesn't have a contract for outpatient lab work with this hospital, and if I had it done there, there was no guarantee they would agree to pay. I can be admitted there, get an x-ray, or do assorted other things, but not an outpatient blood test, because they don't have a contract for THAT. Because I had failed to memorize the inch thick book that came when my company switched to this insurance a few months ago, I did not know this. Welcome to the US health care "system," which is a patchwork of insanity.

So it was back into the car and over to an outside lab that did have a contract with my insurance. This lab was fast and efficient, and it took about 5 minutes to actually draw the blood, and that's only because I am notoriously hard to stick - my veins bob and weave and avoid needles like Bush Administration officials avoid taking an oath before Congress. But the total elapsed time to get it done was about 2.5 hours. It really wasn't a big deal and I am not whining, but I was vividly reminded of all of the places I had schlepped my very sick husband and his walker and his wheelchair to get tests and treatment, and how exhausting and stressful it was, and I was glad for Girlchild's sake that she wasn't dealing with anything comparable and we could laugh about this blood test safari and then go to Target. I left the lab with three cotton balls held to my arm with tape, because it took several sticks, as usual, to corner a vein and get the tablespoon of blood needed for the test. If it gets me behind the wheel on Thursday, it is worth it.

I contacted the head of HR at my company, and he said they aren't expecting me back until mid-May. So if my doctors have no objections, there is no reason I can't do MDS&W as my last hurrah before returning to work. Meanwhile, I am to focus on getting my strength and energy back, and what better form of exercise (besides walking - see post below) than cleaning out the house and garage? This enforced unemployment is making me slightly batty, I need a project. Otherwise my ass just sits on the couch with Law and Order reruns and knitting, and that will not help me get my energy and stamina back, or get the house ready to put on the market when the time comes.

My vision is definitely improving. It's not 100% normal yet, but the smudge on my vision is barely noticeable now. Another month and I think it will be completely gone.

Knitting - Dulaan will be the unexpected beneficiary of my SAH, because I am working through the stash on hats and sweaters. I've finished the back and started the front of the "English Rib Pullover" from Yankee Knitter, in a gender-neutral oatmeal merino from the stash. And when the oatmeal ribs get too boring, I switch off to a bright ribbed hat. Both patterns are easy and don't strain my eyes. I've had the Yankee Knitter pattern for some time and originally planned to make it in the adult size for my son, in a lovely brown heather superwash merino lurking in the stash. The preschooler-sized sweater is like a test model. If I like making it and it finishes nicely I will work up the ambition to cast it on in an adult size. Boy was never a sweater person until he moved to Asheville, now he appreciates the value of a pullover. If I want anyone, including me, to have a sweater in time for cold weather next winter I need to work on them now, because it takes me forever to finish anything larger than a hat.

Today I may swatch the Ralph Lauren paint samples on my bedroom walls. I have the urge to get started on the house.


Sue Woo said...

I'm so glad that nice young man at least TOLD you they might not pay instead of just doing it and let you worry about it later. Insurance companies are on my poop list.

Tell girl I said April Fool's! What a day to have to return to work.

MSW here we come. I will be fresh off my trip to NYC to meet with my publishers and my agent, so I will full of tales. I can also drive like you-know-what.

Amie said...


I've been avoiding asking about MDSW, because I just didn't want to hear any bad news in that arena. But YAYYYYYY I'm very, very much looking forward to seeing you again!

KnitNana said...

I know how much fun it is to be "chauffered!" Glad you found a vampire who would be covered by insurance. And MDS&W sounds like a doable goal! Go Go Go with the painting!