Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Stood up by the visiting nurse.

Not that I need a visit from the nurse, but shoot, if you call and say you'll be here between 3 and 4, please show up or call and say you're not coming. I missed a perfectly good nap opportunity for nothing.

Today is a big day - tonight at 10 I take the last of the very annoying brain spasm prevention meds, the ones that I had to take every 4 hours, which meant I had to wake up and take the damn things at 2 a.m. Now I'm just on anti-seizure meds at bedtime, and those help me sleep.

I am bored and cranky, and my vision has not improved, I can see to function, but reading small print is a pain. My friend L is going to pick me up on Sunday and take me out to lunch, because I am not cleared to drive and I've got cabin fever.

I'm able to knit if it's something really basic, like a ribbed cap for Dulaan, or a stockinette sweater.

I've poked my nose into KR, and while it was lovely to see the outpouring of good wishes, the posts in other topics gave me a headache. I may have to stay away a while. People equating Ann Coulter with Al Gore make my heads spin. And honestly, if one more twit asks if she can knit when called for jury duty, my brain may blow up again. I think I need more rest, maybe my vision difficulties are my brain's way of protecting itself.


Debi said...

You're sounding like your old self again, C :)

Ann Coulter and Al Gore??? Not only is that absurd, it's blasphemeous! There is a very nasty word that begins with a c and fits Annie to a "t". That woman simply sickens me.

I hope you called and complained, your nurse should have called if nothing else!

Maybe some crochet will be easier for you now til your vision improves?

Chelle said...

Catherine, some Dulaan knitting may be just the thing! I'm glad you're feeling up to spouting off about political figures again.

Oh Lord, and who, may I ask is comparing Anne C to AG? Never, mind, don't tell me. Chelle

sallyjo said...

Maybe this isn't such a bad thing. A new KR disease? Instead of "goodbye cruel world", it's, "I'm doing a Catherine, and I can't see to read."

Catherine said...

Visiting nurse showed up at 6:30, which is not between 3 and 4. She took my blood pressure and commented that it was up a bit. I did not tell her that she was the reason, but she was.

Oh, that nasty word floated through my head while reading the political threads - in the usage of c**tservative. A woman who cannot distinguish between fact and opinion, who gets her "facts" from rightwing radio and blogs and Faux Noise. A fair description of the KR creatures defending Coultergeist and claiming that what she says is no different than anything Al Franken or Bill Maher says. Funny, I don't recall them proposing the poisoning of SC justices or calling the opposition faggots. And of course, Al Gore's global warming information campaign is just propaganda and opinion, because the paid whores of the oil and coal industry say so, and the KR wingnuts believe them. Never mind what the vast majority of climatologists say, if three guys on the take from Exxon disagree, that's good enough for them!

It's also interesting that "new pals" pop up periodically to defend ignorance and hatred, and have nothing to say about knitting. KR must be on the wingnut watch list. ;-)

Nope, those topics can't be good for my brain right now!

Amie said...

Oh, c'mon. The economy's great, Anne is SO smart. And you can knit when called for jury duty, but you have to first fly to the courthouse, and you MUST be knitting a Clapotis using Socks that Rock and the KP Options needles.

I like SallyJo's idea. I think I'm going to be using the Catherine Clause for a while. "I have to leave now, you're making my brain hurt."

KatyaR said...

Stay AWAY from the wingnuts for now! You need your rest, and even if you were perfectly fit, those people would raise your BP 'cause they're just crazy. I can take very, very little of them myself before I have to walk away. I may not be a genius, but my mama didn't raise no idiot, either.

Unfortunately, we still have a lot of people around here who have those damn bumper stickers on their cars--every time I see one, my opinion of the driver drops 50 points and my BP goes up at least that much.

Glad to hear you can do a few things to keep yourself busy. I guess patience is the key, and yes, I've never been good at that, either.

Glad to hear you're hanging in there!

Debi said...

Amie, I think I love you :)

Mia said...

Being stood up by anyone is annoying. But the visiting nurse is supposed to show up. Just take care and take things slow. If that means staying off the net for awhile, than do what you have to so that you will get better. I hope your eyesight improves.

And tell the nurse that she is the reason why your BP was up.

CursingMama said...

Good golly Catherine you really should stear clear of politics - why don't you try some Peoples Court or a little Judge Joe Brown for excitement. It's a good way to keep in touch with the cookies without blowing up ;)

Bess said...

Sleep baby sleep

Naps are good

lunch with friends are mandatory

Seeing you struting down the street with sassy short haircut and Plans In Action Soon.

many hugs

JJ / Charlotte, NC said...

So sorry you're going through such an ordeal but glad to see that your posting again and are on the mend!