Saturday, April 28, 2007

If I ever even think of having another garage sale

someone, please, hand me a hammer and instruct me to smack myself all over with it. The pain will be the same but it won't involve hours in the hot sun, PLUS the hours of prep work beforehand. Including all the hot garage time logged to get things ready, I think I made about $3 an hour for my trouble, I sweated all the fluid in my body, which was good because I could not take a break to pee, and I will be in bed at 8 tonight, I swear.

When I told Cousin C I was having a garage sale she launched into her hatred of them, and said she donates everything she wants to get rid of, so apparently my garage sale allergy is genetic and I should not fight this. I'll be donating henceforth.

I did make some money, and I did move some Stuff - the money is added to the wee tax refund and is going to MDS&W with me. Handpainted yarn for that Argosy wrap! Yummy scented goat's milk soap! Maybe a fried Twinkie! The best warm-fuzzy sale of the day was the dear little old lady who bought my exercise bike, because her daughter's cardiologist has told her to get one. How could I not load that thing into the giant trunk of her elderly car? So that item went to the right home. Some yarn went to good homes, but most people either asked if I was giving up knitting, or (if female) opined that they didn't know how and/or had no time for such things. Yeah, that's right, I knit because I have an abundance of free time.

On that note, Boy called me while I was at the Dr. Z appt, and I called him back when I got out. He was very casual about it, acting like he forgot I was seeing the cardiologist, but I know he was calling to see what the doctor said. "Oh, yeah, was that today?" He's so transparent. I told him the latest, and then said that I was on my way to buy cat food and then go to the gym.

He cracked up, and said that my last couple of months have been like training to be a trophy wife - "Oh, I went to the doctor and I have to go buy cat food, and then I'll go to the gym! What a full, busy day I have!" We did a little shtick about how I need to find a rich 65 year old with no heirs, so I can do this full time, because damn, I've been working since I was 17. (And often working and going to school, and during my memorable last semester at UCF, working 30 hours at a downtown law firm, taking evening classes, leading a Daisy Girl Scout troop, helping with Cub Scouts, and oh yeah, I think that was around the time the dog had 10 puppies. I still don't know how I lived. I shouldn't call it "memorable" because honestly, it's a blur.) But I was much younger then, and the last six years have worn me out. It wouldn't be so bad to find a nice retired guy who could help me retire earlier too, or at least switch to a less brain-blowing job. Give me another year, I may be there. I'm getting used to this not working thing, and re-entry into the real world will be quite a shock to my slowed-down, unemployed system. It took me a while to get used to it, and now, damn, just when I am embracing unemployment it's going to end in two weeks, and it will be back to the madhouse. Aaaack.

And next weekend is MDS&W! I can't believe it is almost May. I should believe it when I walk outside and the heat and humidity smack me in the face, but it still feels like April flew by.


Ginnie said...

Yes, it always seem like such a good idea at the time, doesn't it?

Catherine said...

I almost chickened out at the last minute, then I realized that several neighbors were also doing it so there would be lots of traffic. It was busy as hell, but since I didn't have furniture or a lawnmower or any big ticket items to sell, I didn't make much money for my time. It's good that I did it, if I'd chickened out I'd be here telling myself I could have made a ton of money. Now I know that is not true, and I won't waste my time on this again!

Anonymous said...

I've had two garage sales in my life and never again. I get a better "return" on my investment of time and effort by donating the stuff to charity and taking the tax write-off. A boss I once had tipped me off to doing this. Since there are two local charities who make pick-ups from the porch about every six weeks or so, I just set stuff aside as I clean. When they call, it's all ready to go except for making the list of what is in the bag or box this time. They leave a receipt and come tax time, I'm amazed at how much I've donated.


Catherine said...

This was my third in my life, but the other two times were pre-move and the kids were younger, so we had toys and furniture and kids' bikes and stuff, which do sell well. But this was my third and my last - it's really just not worth it, and I keep getting tips on places to donate the items, I'd much rather donate directly to a charity that can pass it along to a family that needs it than sell it to somebody who may turn around and sell it at the flea market.