Monday, April 2, 2007

A little of this and that

I swatched my Ralph Lauren paint samples today (the ones I bought before SAH). Eh. Sisal would work in the bathroom area, so it's on the list. The bedroom walls need to be lighter than any of the three samples I bought - the lightest one, which looked like a nice cream in the package, is a little too peachy on the wall. Sisal goes nicely with the old vanity, and Girlchild suggests doing the bathroom area in Sisal and the rest of the walls in a lighter color to separate the bathroom area from the rest of the room. The vanity has a strip of lights over it that are runway-like, so there is no concern over making the bathroom area too dark. I think that's the way to go.

I dragged more garage stuff out for garbage day last night, and as I expected, much of it was gone before the garbage truck came through. We have The Pre-Garbage Man. I don't know where he comes from. He drives a beat-up old van and tows a trailer, like the kind used to haul lawn service equipment, and he drives through the neighborhood around 4:30 a.m. and picks random things out of people's trash. I knew he'd like the stuff I'd put out, it was leftover home improvement materials, and sure enough, it was gone before the real garbage men came this morning. Bless the Pre-Garbage Man, I do not mind at all that he is saving some of our odds and ends from the landfill. I have more for him next garbage day.

He covers quite a territory, because my friend L lives about 5 miles away and he cruises her neighborhood too.

I have noticed another side effect of the SAH - my handwriting is messier. It still looks like my writing, but it looks like my fast, careless writing. I make the letters the same way, but I don't write as neatly as I did before, even if I really concentrate. If I really try I can get close, but not the same as before. I have no issues with my motor skills so it has to be some tiny quirk in the brain itself. Girlchild says I had a fit in the hospital because I couldn't write a list for her, my handwriting was terrible. She pointed out that I type just about everything so why the hell do I care? I vaguely remember that. I lost about 5 days, but they aren't really lost, because I remember snapshots of that time, I just can't place it in a timeline.

I reactivated the gym memberships, and wow, the gym is so empty midday! I will go every day while I'm off work, and by the end of April I will be in better shape than before this little detour.

Knitting Book Review:

There is no No Sheep for Me. I was really excited about this book, too, since I use so many non-wool fibers, so I ordered it from Amazon. I'm sending it back. The information in the beginning about the behavior of various fibers was interesting, but not worth the price of the book, and I didn't see a single pattern I liked. Not that they were bad, they just weren't things I felt a yearning to make.

Later - pictures of dog in chair and actual knitted thing! Because I found the camera cable!


Anonymous said...

We don't have a regular Pre-Garbage Man but the easiest way to get rid of especially bigger items here is to set it at the end of your driveway. Depending on the item and who is driving through the neighborhood, it may be gone within 30 minutes! Doesn't even have to be on garbage day. Recycling at its best.

Jane said...

I wish your Pre-Garbage man could swing by my place!

I wondered about No Sheep, so thanks for giving me the info. I'd rather wait for Clara'sbook.

Catherine said...

Some people love the patterns in No Sheep, but they didn't thrill me. I think I have seen too many patterns, everything reminds me of something else, or is just something I know I'd never make. The information about non-wool fibers and how they behave would be useful for people who never use anything but wool, but much of my stash is linens and cottons and blends of non-wool things so it wasn't anything totally new to me, and it wasn't much of the book. And if I read one more book telling me why I should swatch, I may be unable to stop screaming.