Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Long Day

I heard from the clerk of court, I'm excused from jury duty!

Bright and early CT scan, which really was easy. Dr. SL didn't order contrast so I didn't have to go through the painful "I know there's one in here somewhere!" search for a vein for an IV. In and out, pretty quick.

Girl, who drove me, went back to bed later. She's probably going to work a double shift tonight.

This afternoon I went to the gym, remembered my headphones, and got on the treadmill, and was already walking when I realized that I had totally spaced the schedule and there was nothing to watch but Ellen, Rachael Ray, soaps, Faux Noise and CNN. I went with Rachael Ray, because I've never seen her show. She's, I guess the word is "quirky." Like the annoying old friend you sort of like, but you'd kill yourself if you had to hang out with her all of the time. The recipe of the day sounded profoundly unappetizing. The most annoying segment was some woman who is supposed to be a coupon clipping queen, who gets bargains on her groceries, and she was going to show another woman how it's done. The other woman had to prepare a holiday dinner (the show must have been a rerun) for a herd of family. So off they go, where Coupon Lady loads up on processed foods and canned potatoes, and sure enough, she gets a bunch of money back at the register. Other Woman was a good sport and acted impressed, but about the canned potatoes, she commented quietly that she would have bought sweet potatoes and cooked them. Gee, thank you Coupon Lady, for introducing me to the wonder that is bargain brand canned sweet potatoes! You saved a quarter, fifty cents with coupon doubling - that certainly makes it worthwhile! I wonder what her guests thought, or if she thought better of it later and quietly went out and bought fresh sweet potatoes and the ingredients for turkey dressing from scratch and didn't feed that shit to her guests.

So tomorrow I will time my gym time for better TV. Like maybe The Price Is Right. But I walked 3.1 miles at a better pace and didn't feel as tired later.

Pictures later, maybe. I got up awfully early.


Amy in StL said...

I just think of Rachel Ray as outright annoying. Maybe it's my time as a Southerner, but she just seems the epitome of the annoying Northeasterner. All teeth and yappy voice.

Catherine said...

I don't think it's a Northeastern trait, because Paula Deen grates on my nerves just as much. I can't watch her for more than two minutes.

ikate said...

Oh, to me Rachel Ray is like a train wreck, can't stand it but it's hard not to look. I can't beleive how over-exposed she is - like 5 TV shows and a magazine?? Get over it. Most of her recipes are pretty unimpressive.

ellen said...

One word: podcasts! There's an endless variety on all kinds of subjects. I find it hard to enjoy my gym time with what passes for entertainment on TV these days; the news is too stressful to watch while I exercise. I keep the Ipod loaded up with a nice variety of music and podcasts and there is always something I want to hear.

sallyjo said...

I do not know this "T.V." of which you speak.
And people are always horrified when I tell them we don't have t.v. Well, we have a t.v., just no reception and no cable. And it's a good thing.
My word is aumguwd. I like it.

Geogrrl said...

Do NOT get me started on Rachel Ray.

The only show that's worse is "Semi-Homemade" with some twit whose name I've forgotten. I can't believe her concoctions are actually called "food".