Monday, April 16, 2007

Nixon v. Bush

Tom Tomorrow

I turned on the morning news, because I am a glutton for punishment, and they are still talking about Imus, and giving more time to the Imus Apologist Chorus. Meanwhile, the White House has been caught doing something that makes the infamous gap on the Nixton tape look like an innocent little whoopsie - an 18 minute gap on one audiotape v. 5 MILLION emails they are required to archive going missing - and it's all but ignored. Sllly "lefties" getting all worked up over a little lawbreaking, sit down and let Blond Ken Doll Weatherman tell you about the weather in Boston today! Oh, wait, now we're talking about the Duke lacrosse players, and Prince William's breakup, and the Boston Marathon - how's that weather in Boston? Oh wait, it's the minister's wife who shot her husband! Wow, let me get anther cup of coffee, that's a matter of national importance.

I was in junior high when Nixon waved bye-bye and went back to CA in disgrace, and I remember what a huge event it was. The months and months of news coverage that preceded it got brain numbing, especially if you were in junior high, but it was clear that Nixon's people did wrong and he was held responsible. Bush is held responsible for nothing in his own administration. But obviously the ongoing revelations about the current administration are less important than the Prince William breakup. The contrast between then and now is just surreal.

Edited: Oh God, now we are being treated to the wisdom of life as taught by Victoria Principal. Time to turn off the TV.


Amie said...

Does this make things better? It makes me giggle in weird ways - particularly that picture:

Catherine said...

Sadly, the story is not true, it was meant to be a joke but it says something about Dear Leadee that it was so believable.

ikate said...

So, so true. I hate TV news anymore. If I hear the words Anna Nichole one more time my head will explode. Since when is that news?

Anonymous said...

Tom Tomorrow is just about the most insightful editorial cartoonist going today. Did you see where people who watch Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report are the most educated about current events, while people who watch Fox news are dead last?

Catherine said...

I love Tom Tomorrow. I did see that report, and certainly was not surprised. I've been watching Faux at the gym, side by side with CNN. They've been doing a lot less fear and a lot more sex lately - the funniest was the hidden camera of the school principal and the, was she a teacher? in his office. Oh my God, how they loved that, they covered it in depth, with lots of footage from the video, thankfully only the clothed parts, but that was bad enough, like walruses mating. And several pundits opined about the Scandal! Then it was on to a big long focus on the Duke lacrosse story. Their favorite war has been reduced to filler, and not a mention of any of Bush's other woes. Even for a dumbed-down fake news channel, it's dumber and faker.