Saturday, May 5, 2007


"My job" is back on Robert Half Legal. There's a real estate development outfit in Baltimore looking for someone, and the job description fits like a glove. It was on their website, then it was gone, and now it's back, so I guess the candidates they had didn't work out. And I can't apply for it, because I have to sell This Damn House before I can go anywhere. I need to stop torturing myself by getting these job descriptions emailed to me. But it is nice to know that such jobs exist there, and that the salary range is what I want. Frustrating at the moment, but nice for the long run prospects. But very frustrating at the moment!


Janet said...

Oh, God, I feel your frustration. I'm actively searching for a new job, and I'm not coming up with a lot -- if there WAS something great out there that I COULDN'T apply for... argh. But, like you say, you know they're out there!

geogrrl said...

I'd be inclined to apply for it anyway, then worry about selling the house. But that's me and... hello? Frying pan? Meet fire.

Anonymous said...

Why not go ahead and apply. If you get to a job offer, maybe you can negotiate their buying your house from you or assisting you in selling it. Seems to me I remember things happening like that when I was working when people relocated from one city to another.


Catherine said...

1) They don't offer relocation (hardly anybody does these days, I suspect); and anyway 2) I have a lot of equity, sweat and otherwise, built up in this house and I'm not going to dump it for a fast sale, because I can't afford to do that; and 3) there are several "senior level" jobs on their website, whereas here they are scarce, so though this one would be a perfect fit there is no need to mourn too much - Baltimore is a real city, unlike Orlanduh, where it's mostly banks, retail and hospitality. I'm going to need every cent I pull out of this house to buy a townhouse (someday - I'll bank the money and rent for at least a year first unless I find the perfect place sooner), so I'm not going to sell this place cheap and fast if I don't have to.

Bess said...

It will come. Walk steadily in your own true pace and it will all come together.

Isn't it good to know there are the right sorts of jobs out there, though?

Besides, you want the hair to look right.

hugs a zillion