Sunday, May 13, 2007

Back to Work Tomorrow

It's almost like starting a new job, but I already know I won't like it. ;-) Actually it will be interesting, and I'm going back with an entirely different attitude and focus. I know it's not forever and all of the high stress co-workers are GONE. The work load will be worse, because we are down to a much smaller department, but I don't mind hard work and I love to be busy. I loathe Drama, and working with people who add tension and create conflict about everything, and Drama has for the most part left the building. So it'll do as employment until I can sell this house and get out of here.

Happy Mother's Day to the moms and stepmoms and dog and cat moms who visit this little bloggish backwater. I had a nice lazy weekend and a quiet Mother's Day - Boychild sent a funny card and an iTunes gift card, which was funny because I've been downloading a lot of music lately - I didn't tell him that I was, but he guessed well. Girlchild worked a double shift last night, got home at 8 a.m. and slept much of the day, she was going to take me to dinner but we decided to do that tomorrow instead, because I had no desire to stand outside in the parking lot waiting for a table at Macaroni Grill in 90 degree heat and the smoke that is still with us, and people were standing around outside MG when I drove past at noon Fergit that! We ate dinner here and then went to the gym. Yes, I went to the gym on Mother's Day. I'm at a little over 80 miles for Runagogo so far. For those just tuning in, Runagogo is the brainchild of Rachael, and the idea is to put down the needles and get up and move, and log 100 miles between April 1 and July 4. I've hit 80 already and I'm not working very hard at it at all, so it's not a hard goal. It sounds like a lot of miles to a middle-aged slacker like me, but spread out over a quarter, ain't nothing! Of course, I'm not going to quit this habit after July 4, it feels too good.

I didn't get my butt off the couch to take a picture of the Argosy Wrap, by the time I do, it may be done. It needs blocking to open up the yarn-overs and make the points flat, but I love it. I picked up the new Interweave Knits, I haven't bought a knitting magazine in many months but this one had a tutorial on toe-up socks and I figured what the hell. I have a couple of top-down sock patterns that are my old standards, the finished product fits me perfectly and I can do it in my sleep, but I'm willing to give toe-up a shot one of these days, and I need to get cracking on the sock production if I want to have socks for next winter. I also loved the pretty yoga mat bag, and the simple little silky scarf. Nothing else. If that's the new format people have been talking about, I like it, but the patterns were very eh. Or maybe I'm just jaded and all this stuff now looks alike to me.

Tomorrow should be interesting. Weird, but interesting.


Janet said...

Good luck tomorrow & happy Mother's Day. (Just a cat mom myself...!)

Debi said...

Another cat Mom salutes you! Enjoy MG tomorrow night (their parmesan crusted sole is wonderful!!) Good luck tomorrow and remember to BREATHE!

Cursing Mama said...

good luck!