Sunday, May 20, 2007

Paint Talk.

So, I bought a quart of Behr's in Fresh Linen, a very nice, creamy white, intending to neutralize my bedroom, which is currently an off shade of yellow I can't stand. And I swatched it a bit, and it is indeed a nice white, I really like it, and I realized I do not want this on my walls. I want a nice, clear French blue. I know that Conventional Wisdom says paint neutral for sale, but it's just too bleh. I'm not repainting the deep red below the chair rail in the living room either, because it's perfect with my furnishings and when I vacuum up the cat hair I still love it, and Catherine's Wisdom says make the room look great and the color won't matter as long as it is not on the floor. I am all about neutrals on the floors, because paint is cheap, carpet is not.

I'm seeing a lovely clear blue on the walls, and bedding in blue mixed with apple green and a creamy white. My furniture is oft-relocated and somewhat battered Shaker style in a nice rich pine. (It's easy to distress your own furniture! It's called 4 moves and 3 cats! Instant antiques!) As with the living room tables, I bought the bedroom set with the understanding that it would get beat up over time, but nice solid Ethan Allen can take it. It's 15 years old and I haven't seen anything new I'd want to replace it. We didn't buy the EA nightstands, I found some elsewhere, and the damn things are falling apart. I'll be assembling furniture in the next two months.

Anyway, I have a Vision, and I know it will all work together. And in the master bath, which is very small, I will put the nice creamy white on the walls and do the trim in the French blue to give it a little zip, and it will all work with the sandy tile. I'm happy, I have a color scheme now. I bought my apple green sheets yesterday, and ordered a new white dust ruffle (split corner, 18 inch drop) from Cuddledown. It's going to be clean and simple and sunny, and make the room look fresh and restful. The carpet still sucks. I may get fed up enough to replace it if Home Despot offers that no interest for a year thang again.

Tuesday I will buy paint on my way home from work, because tomorrow night is the gym. Because as Girlchild says, we've become Those People - the ones who get antsy and cranky if we skip the gym. Do not expect much knitting on this non-knitting blog.


Amie said...

But blue is damn near neutral to most people (unless it's gross apartment-rental-blue carpeting). You do know Bess's theory on blue, right?

I think you'll be nothing but thrilled, and it won't do anything negative to the house at all.

As for new furniture, you sure what you've got can't last until the move? Then you could dump the old stuff then, have less to haul up here, and buy here, where the sales tax is lower (or better, yet, buy it in Wilmington...)

Catherine said...

What is Bess's theory on blue?

And no, the top of one of the nightstands is splitting and things fall through to the drawer beneath. The other is not much better. I think it's time to demote them to firewood.

sallyjo said...

Mmmm, French Blue.....