Saturday, June 23, 2007

My daughter really should

make a side trip through Georgia on her way Nawth, track down Miss Doxie and take that girl out drinking. They would have so many stories to tell, and Girlchild is a freaking pro at dealing with parental medical crises, she could write a book. First her father, then me. I had to laugh at the smuggling of wine and tabloids in to her mother. It made me remember how Girlchild's high school best friend observed during my husband's illness that it was great that the hospital gave me a parking pass and meal coupons for the cafeteria, but a gift basket with a bottle of vodka would have been more appropriate, given the insane awfulness of the situation.

A few weeks ago I was in Publix and saw a cute little blonde looking at me. I thought it was someone from my office, maybe, and was trying to place her, when she ran over squealing and threw her arms around me. Daughter's high school best friend, she of the vodka gift basket suggestion, is back in the area. Hell, these girls are closing in on 24 now. They are actual grownups. It's so cool.

I did not paint today. I did, however, move the TV and stand all by myself, thank you. I uncabled all the cables, intending to wait until my daughter woke up, and then thought "Hmmm, I wonder how heavy it is...." and tested by lifting a corner of the stand. Yes, it's true, the weights have made me strong like bodybuilder! I am Ahnold, without the steroids, heart surgery or Republicanism! I had no problem walking the cabinet and 36 inch TV through the carpet, away from the wall, and far enough to get behind it to paint the corner. It was effortless. I am strong. I am woman, hear me roar. Arrr! I was so jazzed, I'd put off that corner because I assumed that I couldn't move a big TV and the stand it sits on without a second person. I did it all by myself, and it was EASY, that gym thing really does have practical applications.

But did I paint the corner? I did not. I putzed around the house until 1 in the afternoon, then ventured into the over 100 degree heat index to run errands. Then I came home a couple of hours later and said screw it. I'll finish the painting tomorrow. Tonight I shall work on the addictively easy shawl. Because I love this shawl, it is my new feather and fan brain cooler. I may have to make another.

I'm fighting the yen for yarn. But as I'm working on this very versatile and neutral taupe shawl, I'm thinking how awesome the pattern would look in something silky and handpainted.

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