Monday, June 11, 2007

Not Done Yet.

Still have to move the bed.

And the TV.

And paint the dressing area visible in the background. Six hours of painting - I made a lot of progress, but I lost the light when clouds rolled in (we did not get rain, just clouds and thunder.)

But I do love the blue. It will look great when it's done, and when I replace that nasty carpet. One more weekend. I can't paint in the evening when I get home, there just isn't enough light. I even tried bringing in the Ott light, that helped a bit but not enough to make it possible without natural daylight too. This is a tough color - it's hard to see spots that need a second swipe until it's fully dry. But the results will be worth it.

I'm also almost but not quite done with the Argosy Wrap. About 30 rows to go, which go quickly because I am in the last section on the downhill of the decreases. But the finishing may have to wait until next weekend too.

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