Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Oh. My. God.

This man is insane, and not in a funny, harmless way.

Romney Dog Story.

That poor dog. What rational person does this? Is he so frigging cheap he couldn't have rented a trailer for all the crap they were hauling so the poor dog could ride inside the vehicle? That poor animal, a family pet, went through hours and hours of terror, strapped to the roof of a moving vehicle on the highway, so terrified he had diarrhea, and all his master did was hose him off and put him back up there. It's so bizarre it sounds like a joke, like a story from The Onion, but it's cited in several publications. I hope it's a fake, but at this point it appears to be true. Anyone who would treat a helpless animal, a family pet, like this...words fail me. Sick. I hope the story is a fake.

Edited: More here. Apparently it's for real, and I'm not the only one who finds it appalling.


sallyjo said...

Sorry. Won't read it. I know better.
Love you.

Catherine said...

I wish I hadn't read it, seriously Go read Yarn-a-Go-Go, and Rachael's heartwarming story of the return of the prodigal kittycat to counter it. I am admittedly a bit over the top about my pets, but it runs in my family so my people all understand me. I can understand people who treat dogs like dogs and not like four-legged children like I do, but I cannot understand people who have pets and then treat them like unfeeling, inanimate things.

geogrrl said...

Sorry, I can't read it either. I'm assuming this moron was reported for cruelty?