Friday, June 8, 2007

Poor Murphy!

Then, to add injury to insult...

Today I dropped Murphy at the groomer at 7:30, took a Very late lunch and picked him up when they called after 2, dropped him at the house and high-tailed it back to the office.

Tonight when I came home I opened the front door and Murphy bolted out past me. It was the first time in his 7 years of life that he did such a thing. I dropped my bag and screamed, "No, STOP!" and he did, and rolled over on his back all submissive and apologetic. Meanwhile, I'm wondering what caused him to do something so insane. Was the house on fire? He ran out like his ass was in flames!

I carried him into the house and put him down, and he stood with his tail tucked, looking miserable. I put him on my bed and he rolled over on his back. His ass WAS in flames. My poor baby has a razor burn in his crotchal region that would make anyone crazy. This groomer's talent for shaving his sanitary zones is remarkable - last time he had a haircut, he rolled over on his back and my daughter hooted, "They gave your dog a Brazilian!" Many jokes about standing very, very still were made. It's not so funny now. This time they took it a little too close, and I wish I'd seen this before I'd paid $40 and a tip, and I will call to tell the owner tomorrow. She's a nice lady and she may have a new groomer or something, but this is not going to happen again. He has retreated to his crate and I have to yell at him not to lick the boo-boo and make it worse. He looks so small and forlorn, but he's being a good boy and not licking. Until he forgets and then I tell him NO! and he stops.

I feel so awful for him. He's always been a happy-go-lucky, I love going to the groomer guy. I suspect he won't be next time, and I'm really pissed off about that.


Dee fm KS said...

Poor Murphy. And I usually lurk and don't comment, but I will since you feel you don't have so many readers. I have always enjoyed your blog and am so grateful that you came out of your aneurism(spelling???) with everything working so well.
Dee fm KS

Catherine said...

My hit counter says I have fewer readers. At least 20 bailed on me in the last few weeks. Maybe they were only here for the dog pictures, because God knows it's never really been about the knitting. I should post one of Murphy's inflamed crotch, that'll get 'em back.

Martha said...

Miz C,
Speaking as one of your faithful blog readers, I have not been here in a bit - have missed all the blogs of all my pals.
Work business, personal business, computer problems - these have kept me off line.
Poor Mr. M - sounds painful. Uck.
Good luck w/ your Momma - sounds challenging to say the least.

Sue Woo said...

Hey! I'm here! I always read your blog.

If mama didn't have a hurt wrist she'd have something else. She really enjoys complaining. You are such a great daughter she should drop to her knees and thank the Lord she has you.

I haven't taken poor Angie to the groomer yet. My groomer sold her business to a young woman with prison tattos and all the new workers have prison tattoos too. Now you know I am all about empowering people to turn their lives around but I get big apathy from the groomers. I need to fin d new one-Angie's burnin' up!

Have a good weekend!

Sue Woo said...

Hey, btw, M. Kane is back. He was in the hospital. His latest is hilarious.

ellen said...

Poor Baby Murphy. I just stinks to have an itchy razor burn just as summer is getting going. It's gonna take some extra treats to get him happy with the goomer again.

sallyjo said...

I'm still here. Who did you annoy? Or is it because your life wasn't a disaster there for a few days?
About your mom. I was going to say, have her schedule the surgery with someone near you, but then I realized what that would mean. Sorry I even thought it.
And this run-a-gogo? I'm up to 11 miles! Aren't you proud of me?

Catherine said...

I don't know who I annoyed, maybe I ran 'em off by being boring - you know, I didn't die or have brain damage, I'm back at work and it doesn't suck, my kids are great and I'm happy, I am painting my bedroom and going to the gym and life is fine. Maybe they only tuned in for the Drama. And God knows I've had a Lifetime Movie Network of my own going here for the last few years. But wallowing in drama is not my style, oh well.

Oh, my mother SAID she wanted to have the surgery at the same place that operated on my brain! I pointed out that this could not work, there is nowhere here for her to stay, it's still a day trip for me and I still couldn't go with her, and I'm not just being a bitch, Girlchild lives in both of the small back bedrooms so there is nowhere for her to stay unless one of us takes the couch, and we have to get up and go to work. The hospital is 45 minutes in traffic and takes up about three city blocks, she couldn't navigate it on her own, and it's way more bother than this surgery needs. And it's ridiculous - I tried for YEARS to get my father to move over here and see one of the cardiologists at that hospital, it's one of the best, and oh no, he was fine where he was. And he really was fine - hell, he made it to almost 80 years old, spent 20 years with a bad ticker, they took good care of him. I wanted them to move so I wouldn't be dealing with this bullshit now. But he was convinced that he couldn't leave His Doctors. Now she's having a minor thing done to her wrist, and NOW she needs to come here to The Big Hospital? I am not going to facilitate that, it would be no better than taking days off to go over there for this crap.

Amie said...

My computer died, but I don't think I checked you 20 times a day.... hmmm... So 19 other people...

Oscar gets rope burn all the time, but has a standard pitbull game and is often beaten, battered, scraped, scared (and usually has Trevor hanging by his teeth off Oscar's butt or something) and not even flinch.

They're all nuts. Every last one of 'em.