Tuesday, July 24, 2007

If you haven't seen the finale of

Franklin's shawl project go look now. The level of planning, the hundreds of thousands of stitches, the detail of the work involved, for someone who also has a day job and worked on this while commuting - the outpouring of love for his niece just blows me away. He has truly created an heirloom piece and it is breathtakingly lovely and breathtakingly full of love. Abigail is a blessed child to have Franklin for her uncle.

And to think I'm proud when I finish a sock. And I still haven't knitted my granddog a sweater, though now he won't need one for three more years. I am quite comfy here on the knitting short bus, it's air conditioned and everything, but I do worship true genius when I see it.


carlarey said...

Franklin's shawl is awe inspiring all right. But I'll stick with short bus knitting as well. I'm not too proud to garter stitch. I have plenty of design challenges and deadlines without putting them in yarn form.

Catherine said...

Amen, sister! If anyone realized how much brain-bending background work it takes to do land development, they wouldn't ask why I pass on "challenging myself with knitting." This was a thread on KR, and I was one of the few voices who said "If a new technique isn't thrilling me, I don't push on to do it." If I want to learn a new technique because I really want to make the thing that uses it, I'll do it. There isn't much I can't do, but there's a lot I WON'T do because it is not fun for me. I do not need knitting design or technique challenges, I all the design challenges a person can stand from 8 to whenever every day.