Sunday, August 26, 2007

Time, it's so fluid.

Like rain, or a flushing toilet.... I should be a poet.

Girlchild's move out timeline hasn't solidified, her future roommate has (sensibly) decided to wait until she has been on her job for a month before dropping bucks on deposits and such, and Girl is mildly annoyed because future roommate was the one pushing this process, and Girlchild IS ready, but it's fine. I can continue on my path, she's not in the way of the push to get the house ready to sell. Repairs and paint and recarpeting can take place, not a problem. And the endless paring down of the accumulation of a long family life can continue as well.

Today's funny: Cousin C called me for a pep talk. Given my high bitchiness level of late I'm not sure I'm the right person, but whatever. C has been inspired to put her own house on the market, and has begun the process of digging out and disposing of 20 years of stuff, and became overwhelmed just by digging through old paperwork. She needed advice from a pro who has been dealing with a mere 11 years of stuff. My advice: She's not under the gun (neither am I) and she can take it one bite at a time, tackle a closet, then a room, donate what she can, trash the rest. Don't try to read years of documents, buy redrope folders and stuff it divided by years. Old papers aren't the issue, do them at your leisure. They don't take up that much space, not like the rest of your shit. Pick one small corner of a room, take a box, put stuff in there for Goodwill or the hospice thrift shop, and then repeat until all the extra shit is gone.

I talked her in off the ledge. We will keep on plugging, reducing the accumulated sediment of long-married lives to that which will fit into an apartment or a condo. She wants to go back to MD, to be closer to her sons. I don't know where I'm going. Maybe two miles away to an apartment for now, until my destination reveals itself. I'll keep looking, and I'll be mobile, because breaking a lease ain't nuthin' compared to selling a house.

I assembled the other nightstand today, it went much faster and without incident, after struggling through the first one. I'm halfway through the first Red Scarf scarf. Tomorrow is Monday, and I have a very truncated week so I must get in early and leave late, because I am taking the end of the week off. Imagine, time off for something other than a medical reason!

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vi said...

enjoy your mini vacation dear.
i am going to be starting doing the 'we are moving' sort soon too
hopefully this winter
i wanted to be out of this house and on a farm by spring 2007.......
that didn't happen...
i have a goat you know...and sheepies... my goat is getting bred next febuary i will have at least two goats.if not three...
i am not breeding the sheep this year..
however NEXT year.....
well let's just say it would be cheaper to pay a mortgage on a farm then the board i will be paying when they are all mommies.....
but i got the start of TWO amazing herds.... so maybe it's ok