Sunday, September 23, 2007

I should just shop online first and save the gas and aggravation.

Today I did the usual swing through Target, bought the usual necessaries, and then decided to hit DSW Shoe Warehouse. I need new running shoes - my beloved Saucony shoes are no longer as supportive as they should be, they've gotten a little too relaxed and comfy, if you know what I mean. My feet have been a bit achy. It's time to demote them to yard shoes, just in time for the great yard work push that must begin when I return from Asheville.

I also wanted to get a basic pair of hiking shoes. I hiked in my Beloved Saucony Shoes last year and while I do not blame the shoes at all for my gasping, sorry-ass Little Middle Aged Engine That Couldn't performance, I did feel they weren't the best footwear for the trails. This year I am averaging a brisk 10-15 miles a week on an incline on the treadmill or on the elliptical at the gym, so there should be no pathetic gasping. My feet deserve "real" shoes, which would also be useful for days in the field at work.

DSW had not a single pair of hiking-type shoes at all, though they always had them in the past. I walked past rows of them for years when I didn't need them, but when I go looking for a pair - nada. And not a single pair of Saucony running shoes in a size 7. So I came home and hopped on Zappos and ordered what I wanted.

This is becoming the norm for me - whether it's pond filter parts or yarn or now shoes, I can't find it in the stores. Just as I have been cured of casual yarn shopping, the shopping gods have conspired to cure me of any casual shopping at all, by never having anything I need when I decide to go looking for it.

Attention Shopping Gods: I've purchased new running shoes and hiking shoes, you may put them back in the stores now. You guys are a riot. Really.

The Redskins are on at 4. I'll be watching. I'm finally watching football again. I'll alternate between working on the 2nd Red Scarf and bagging another bag of miscellaneous for Goodwill, and yelling at the television, because I do love football.


sallyjo said...

Try finding 7 1/2 wide. Anywhere. In anything.
As far as I can tell, Ryka has quit making wide shoes. I'm thinking about looking at Nike on-line, but I don't like an awful lot of what they do.
Carolina women's boots are very good. That's what I swore by when I had to wear steel-toes. Because I'm on my feet all day, I've been thinking about wearing them into work instead of runners. It can't be any more painful.

Boy, that was whiny.

Catherine said...

I'm either a 6.5 wide or a 7 medium - my feet are stubby and do not taper, but I can wear a 7 med. sometimes, if they run a little wide and are not too high, or too whatever. So I can find hiking shoes and running shoes and Sensible Shoes galore, but sexy/dressy is a crapshoot. Have you tried Saucony? I find they run comfortably wide for me, and fit my boxy little feet perfectly.

Amy in StL said...

I've made the switch to trail running shoes instead of hiking boots. I still have a pair of hiking boots that I wear in the field if there will be snakes. However, I've found that low top shoes actually allow me to maneuver better on uneven ground.

Amie said...

I love Zappos. Love. Them. To. Bits.

I have freaky little feet that are as long as a size 6 and as wide as a size 9. Basically, square.

Take a store like Zappos, where I can immediately see several dozen shoes that fit the bill, find out what other people think of them, and not have to deal with the general public, and you have one faithful little shopper in me.

(never underestimate the power of my hatred for the general public)

sallyjo said...

I was looking specifically for Rykas, but on your recommendation I will deign to put Sauconys on my precious feet. As long as I can avoid Nike.

Elysbeth said...

Congratulations on the treadmilling. Could you ask the shopping gods to make some nice trainers in a blue that would go with Denim. After all...jeans.

TAO and I are really picky about food and often order specific pantry staples online.