Thursday, September 13, 2007

Joy! Hilarity!

Miss Doxie is posting again!


Anonymous said...

Rejoice! Am glad to see her back.

Have you had any luck in lighting a fire under Our Lady Kerstin of Whoopsy and Daisy? She's still posting photos, but...sigh.

You sound good. Very, very good, and it's lovely to see someone really appreciating the second chances in life. I hope your relocation plan comes to fruition just swimmingly.

--Shana in Missouri

Catherine said...

I emailed Kerstin and she emailed back to say she was fine and doing other things. Cryptic and mysterious, that.

I do feel good, very good, and I do appreciate the second chance in life. Though there are times that I look around and think, "I survived a near death experience to go back to the same shit that almost killed me?" But I really had no choice. And I'm still wrestling with Where To Relocate To (ungrammatical and I don't care.)