Saturday, September 8, 2007

Kitten Rescue 911

Girl just called to report a kitten sighting - they are eating the canned cat food she brought with her like they never saw food before, and after she finishes her paperwork (because her shift is not over for a while) she is going to round them up and put them in the carrier and bring them here. I have a dog crate in the garage standing by, equipped with a towel and kitten-sized litter box (old baking pan) and water dish. So much for a restful weekend, but neither one of us can live with the idea of abandoned kittens getting eaten by alligators or by any of the other kitten-eatin'critters living near the facility.

If you are looking for knitting stuff on this blog, you are sorely out of luck lately.

Edited Sunday morning: No kittens to see here, move along. Girlchild was able to find new homes for them among the staff of the facility, so she didn't have to bring them home, and I didn't have to stand over a crate of kitten cuteness and say, No, No, They Cannot Stay. It's a win all the way around.

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Bess said...

Yes! A true win/win/win. You're delivered from temptation, the kittens get a chance to grow into fat lazy bossy cats, and some very kind people get to have warm feet in the winter.

Oh. Yeah. You're in florida. Well. Prrrrring lullabies.

And congratulations on the 2 miles gal! good on you!