Friday, September 21, 2007


Chez Casuelle has moved to Gainesville. Carla, the Mother of Chez Cas, opted to join the march north and de-ass Florida when a job offer she couldn't refuse beckoned. (Of course, I'm doubting that they hunted her down with private detectives and found her in yarn shop in Leesburg. I'm thinking she was looking for a job and that's why the great job beckoned. But whoo-hoo for her!) Her shop is now in Gainesville, and while I'm sure these ladies will do an awesome job and it will be lovely, it's not on my regular working route. This is either a blessing or a tragedy, I can't quite decide which right now. I don't have to resist being led into temptation. Temptation moved to Gainesville.

If you are here looking for an update on the job saga, I don't have anything blogworthy. I have to watch and edit myself when I start to talk about the industry, so I'll just say that I'm going to do a lot of house fixing up tasks this weekend, and the sign is going in the yard as soon as Girlchild and her adorable little digging dog from hell have a new roof over their heads. After losing my husband in a slow, awful way, riding out three hurricanes, spending a ton of money and sweat on fixing up the house, changing jobs, and, yanno, almost dying and all that trivial stuff, I will probably end up lucky to get out of this house with a few bucks to put toward the cat food I'll be buying for dinner in my old age, assuming I can keep health insurance and get to old age, and that is by no means a sure thing. As the icing on the cake, you know. Yep, I'm livin' the American Dream! Get an education, work hard, become a contributing member of the middle class - I did it, my husband did it. It's not a contract that promises that things will work out for you. But that's what a lot of people tell themselves - do it right, you'll be fine, and people who can't keep up brought it on themselves - you did it all right, you'll be FINE. It's like wishing on stars, or not stepping on cracks. It's a childish fantasy made public policy.

Enough about that. I focus on doing what I can do to make things better for who I am now, and that is a multi-layered thing.

Dudley is so scared of thunderstorms, and last night was rough. The tornado that hit Eustis was national news - I'm miles from there, but Girl works near there, so I didn't sleep well until I heard her come in after midnight. And I get up at 5. Before that, I didn't sleep well because the weather radio sounded an alarm every half hour all night. Weather radios are truly a mixed blessing - when they save your life they are wonderful, when they wake you every 20 minutes to shriek about a storm system that is already northwest of you and moving northwest, they are annoying - or at least it annoyed me. I know it would have been a blessing if the storm in question had moved the other way, and it had warned me of the approach, so the dogs and I could go climb into the hall bathtub and cuddle up and wave bye-bye to the roof. But before all that happened I did make it to the gym, and did 2 miles on the treadmill and then weights. It was already raining steadily and thundering a bit when I left the house, and Dudley saw me getting ready for the gym and hid under my bed. He'd ride out the storm there, thank you. But I was home before the bad stuff hit, and we were not in the direct line of fire for the bad stuff. Girlchild was, and she had a tense night of emergency lanterns and weather radio and thinking of evacuation plans. We do work hard for our money in this family.

Edited to add:
Dear Catherine,
Here is your horoscope
for Friday, September 21:

Especially when you're on the job, you find that you have a hard time keeping up appearances. You may need to take a half-day, or find some new and clever way to show the public your best face.

Didn't take a half day. Did suck up and soldier on. Didn't read this horoscope until a few minutes ago. Spooky.


Bess said...

Mars and Pluto - facing off, wasn't it? Yeah. Blame it all on them.

This week is supposed to be calmer.

Still chantin' that chant, wishin' that wish for ya.

Catherine said...

Was it Mars and Pluto? It was a rough week, for whatever reason, and next week is not going to be much better, workwise. I just have to work on making everything else better.

sallyjo said...

Mars and Pluto will be doing their thing for the next however many months. Ick.
I was blaming it on hangovers from the new moon, which really rocked my world in that not-so-nice way.

zippiknits said...

I see that you read your horrorscope a bit late. I cannot imagine going through a night like that without screaming like a banshee.