Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Knitting Week.

I got my Ravelry Invite (have barely poked my nose in so far) and got Crazy Aunt Purl's book. Finally. Both of them, finally. I feel like I've been standing behind the velvet ropes of Ravelry until my platform sandals are cutting into my feet. (Why am I having a club flashback when I was With the Band? I never actually stood in a line anywhere I can recall.) Anyway, I'm in, and I am AuntMaisie on Ravelry. She was adorable. CatherineM was taken, so if you meet CatherineM there, she is an impostor. Unless she's a talented and prolific knitter, and then she's me. Naah, that won't fool anybody.

I may take Laurie's book to Asheville with me, so I can savor it with a cup of coffee while soaking up ambiance and fresh air and funky downtown Ashevilleness in a coffee shop. I will laugh and sob appropriately in public, delicately dabbing at my eyes and holding the book so everyone can see the title, no charge to Laurie. (If I got out more I'd rent myself out for this service.) I'll be visiting bookstores while I'm there, and I will look for her book and Sue's book and Clara's book, and am I missing anybody who has gotten published lately? Let me know, and I will take surreptitious pictures with my camera phone, and try not to think about how all I write are work related emails and memos, and grocery lists. Oh, I do keep a journal, but that's not very creative either. Unless by "creative" we mean "Kinda pathetic, because damn, that woman has no life."

Because, yes, my work life is sucking the life out of me, and I don't want that to become more than a figure of speech again. This is the job I left on a stretcher. It has not gotten easier - I can't go into the details for obvious reasons, but here is a snapshot: The other day in a meeting someone in another department said she'd been sorting out what we had to do on a thing, and had been in communication with the local municipality about this thing, and she'd email me the stuff. So after a few days I didn't get the stuff, so I emailed her and asked her if she'd received it yet. And she sent me an email from the city guy. Again, without getting into particulars, the city guy didn't understand the issue and his answer did not fit the facts. So I replied to our girl who forwarded the email, and explained in two sentences of plain English how that fix wouldn't work in this situation. Thinking perhaps maybe she'd like to understand, and that if I told her this she'd somehow, I don't know, take some sort of initiative to move this along. And she emailed me back the equivalent of hands clapped over her ears, la-la-la - obviously this was a Legal Thing that Required Thinking, and therefore it is not her job, it is my job. She'll help if she can, just let her know. The buck, and every manner of shit from mouse to elephant, lands in our department, and mostly on my desk. I would throw this back to her, but I know that she is right, she can't do it. And the executive team is flying at 30,000 feet over Mental Munchkinland, and doesn't understand why our dept takes so long to get anything done. I am tired, I want to focus my life elsewhere, and I can't wait to get out of this place.

Girlchild needs a new car. She needed it six months ago, but the Brave Little Sentra she inherited from her father has lived a hard life, has been hit twice, has slogged its way around the Southeast, and it deserves a dignified farewell. She deserves something younger and more trustworthy. So please join us in visualizing a new(er) vehicle for her, and a more pleasant job that pays better, so she can make a car payment. Because she works a very hard and very responsible job, a "you can go to jail if you fuck up" kind of job, and yet she isn't paid enough to afford rent AND a car payment, and she'd like to move out of her mother's house and afford a modest used Saturn. Welcome to Florida. Please leave your wallet, we don't make any money here.


Anonymous said...

When you go to Asheville, maybe you should drive through Charlotte- Not very far from Asheville and a GROWING city that probably pays paralegals MUCH better salaries than Asheville.My daughter just moved there and loves it.
Your friend Barbara who fixed the bedside table

Catherine said...

I've looked at Charlotte. It's high on the relo list of one of my co-workers, but she's a financial type. If I were in a banking-oriented career path I'd consider it, but if I had to choose between Baltimore and Charlotte, B'more wins, it's more diverse and more my speed. (And Charlotte is way out of my way between FL and Asheville, so it's not a drive-by. But been there. Not what I'm seeking.)

Bess said...

Well I'm on ravelry too and I can never remember who I am. Probably Bess or besshaile or bessh or bhaile


so unoriginal

but even using my own name I forget who I am online.


Shouldda called myself LtQ.

Missed you these past few days. glad to read again. Visualizing sleek little saturn with low mileage wrapped around girlchild.

geogrrl said...

Well, here's to things working out for you and Girlchild. Life is too short to be exhausted by your job (boy, am I there with you) or to be overworked and underpaid.

We just ditched our 13-year-old Mazda 323. It was a great little car, but the CV joint went. It's fixable but we realized the poor thing is at an age where major things are going to start going wrong (minor things already are). It just made no sense to start pouring that kind of money into it.

I also just got my Ravelry invite. You can find me under "Yarnagain" due to my propensity for repurposing yarns from old sweaters.

Cursing Mama said...

I found you on ravelry - now if I would just do something with it.

Sorry to hear that work continues to be a PITA - its odd how expensive it is to live in FL - and yet all the "older" folks continue to flock there...could they be the cause?

Catherine said...

Yes, the older folks are a contributing cause, they come here from wherever with the equity from the house they sold and their pensions, and they just want to play golf every day and don't want to pay a dime in taxes to support the schools, etc., because their kids are grown and it isn't their issue.

But the bigger issue is that we have few substantive employers and very few corporate headquarters, because given the choice of moving to FL or SC or wherever else beckons, they seldom want to come to FL, because the traffic is terrible and the schools are generally inferior so the execs don't want to bring THEIR kids here. I've heard that one so many times over the years from people who know. It has ever been thus.