Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mostly Ready

So, Baby is loaded with stuff I'm taking to Boy. Provisions have been purchased for Girl and the Critters. Cash has been obtained, gas tank is full, CDs have been burned and pond filter cleaned. Camera batteries are charged and I have packed both the chargers and the connection cable (THIS time). All I have to do is tidy the kitchen, run the vacuum, finish laundry and get some sleep. Tomorrow morning I will throw the rest of the stuff into Baby and hit the road. Not a brutally early start - Boy called, he suggests I get on the road around 9 and don't rush, he is working tomorrow and figures he will get there around the same time I do. So for me that's like the middle of the morning, and I have no need to rush leaving the house. I know where I want to go for dinner.

I bought an armload of magazines at B&N today, because I seldom really sit down to read a magazine. I bought something Mac related, IK's Holiday Knits, Oprah (because yes, though she annoys me at times I still love The Oprah, especially her magazine, which is so content-rich compared to most chick magazines). I looked for Clara's book, but it wasn't on the shelf yet. Weirdly enough, Crazy Aunt Purl's Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair was shelved with the knitting books. Yes, it has some knitting patterns in it, at the back of the book, but it's not a knitting book. Knitting plays a supporting role. Don't they even glance at the books before shelving them?

The incredibly fabulous weather forecast has faltered a bit, it now looks like 30% chance of rain and cloudy most days. Oh well, clouds are okay, anything short of heavy rain will be fine by me. The bummer is that Boy is working on Monday, and that looks like the day with the best weather for hiking. Please think sunny thoughts for me.


Amie said...

The publishing company must be claiming it's a knitting book. They're listed in the systems by which category in which things should be shelved. So it's the publisher who apparently didn't glance at it.

Enjoy your break! (*sunny... sunny...*)

Sue Woo said...

Am sending this beautiful sunshine in your direction. You're going to have fun rain or shine, I just know it. Safe trip!

carlarey said...

Have fun, god knows you deserve it.