Thursday, October 11, 2007

OMG, it's so exciting!!!

Clara's Book will be out on the 16th, and it sounds fabulous and has patterns by more people I know are real, like Bess and Amie and Sheila and Jennifer, and all of them are real and are fabulously fun to know. So, you three or four people who read this blog who
don't read KR, go check out Clara's book. She's not a fluffy-wuffy-jump-on-the-bandwagon-and-write-a-book knitter, and neither are her contributors. They just knit. For real.

Did you ever look around and suddenly realize that everything is magically falling into place for you? Me neither. For me everything good takes hard work - even getting ready to go on vacation for a few days has required a big push at work, organizing, updating, shoving various projects forward, leaving notes and a trail of breadcrumbs chocolate for the new paralegal, who is stalwart and brave and aggressive enough to survive on her own, thank GOD. I have faith that they will survive without me, and I will take a Whole Week Off with a clear conscience.

This week was one stupid meeting after another, and reassuring R that I really will come back (because I still have to sell the house). I know most of my tasks won't go anywhere while I'm gone, so a similar push will be necessary when I get back. I was gone for almost 3 months after the brain thang and when I came back it was like a return to Brigafrickin'doon - almost 3 months and it was as if I'd never been gone. Yes, there were some cast changes in the ongoing drama, we're kinda like Law and Order that way, but the job didn't improve much. We must get better writers, and definitely need a new casting director.

Fixing up the house - hard work. Getting fit again - hard work. Enjoyable work, but hard work. Work - hard work. Not very enjoyable work, just hard work. But if I'm looking, if I'm focused on my goals, I see the pieces of my life moving around, and outside influences lining up to help me focus on my goals. That has been happening a lot lately. It makes it worth the slog of keeping on.


ChelleC said...

Yes, I can't WAIT to buy her book. In fact, I think I'm going to go over on Amazon and order a copy but I want it NOW. My Amazon shipments lately have been taking a while to arrive. Wonder if it will be released at Borders? Her fingerless gloves are adorable. This is so exciting. Chelle

Anonymous said...

Catherine.....have a great and enjoyable vacation!!


Amie said...

I think there should be a great big ole rip-roaring band wagon to knit a shark!

Spread the word - sharks are the new monkey!