Saturday, November 24, 2007

Now, if I were one of the cool bloggers...

I'd have a shot of my big purple sweater in progress at the ready, to tie it into the purple quiz answer below, and wouldn't that be cool? I could make a whole purple theme post, with the second pair of Maine Morning Mitts in purple, and the big purple sweater, and the purple (okay, lavender) tint to my blog, and the quiz answer was not cheated, it really did come out that way, and isn't it all too precious and purple? Let's pretend I tied it all together into a fabulously themed and photo-intensive and edited post, and move on, because it ain't happening, not today.

Because I have been up since 3:30 this morning. The holiday had a bad effect on the Wee Murphster, his tummy grew so rumbly around 3:30 this morning it woke ME up. I asked him if he needed to go outside and he was at the door like a jackrabbit. I took this as a yes. He came in, settled down, and there were more vocalizations from his digestive tract. (I swear he didn't have anything high fat, certainly no turkey skin or even dark meat, and barely ate any of it at all - Old Iron Gut ate his own share and Murphy's too with no ill effect.) So we were up and out again. Dudley went along just to be a good sport, he had no upsets from anything, and he thinks gravy is the Nectar of the Gods. I don't think he had gravy before, and clearly he feels we have been holding out on him. Mashed potatoes and gravy - dog heaven.

At 4:15 I surrendered the hope that Murphy's tummy was finally through with its performance and turned on the coffee, and curled up on the couch, waiting for the next trip to the door. Murphy went to his crate and went back to sleep. Dudley curled up on the couch. So only one of us has been awake since 3:30.

We did go walkie, he seemed perfectly chipper though a bit indisposed, and one of us also cleaned the pond filter, did housework, etc. Oh, and fixed Baby's annoying rattling noise. I was going crazy - I had this rattling sound that stopped and started, it would go away, then suddenly come back. Today I had one of those "Doh!" headslap moments as I was unloading groceries - the Carmax license plate holder is flappy plastic thing, and as it aged in the hot Florida sun it became more...supple. It flapped randomly. It has been removed. Problem solved.

Murphy was eager for dinner and is now sleeping quietly, with no disturbing symphony performing in his gut. He is back on low fat dry Science Diet and plain white meat chicken. Poor Murphy - he loves almost all people foods, but only plain white chicken breast loves him back.

Tomorrow I will write about actual knitting stuff and have pictures of same, including maybe of the big purple sweater, even though I have blown all coolness points by not having the energy to post it now. I did actual knitting this weekend. I've started a new sweater, but not the one I'd planned to start with the intended yarn, because when I started the intended sweater in the intended yarn, the effect was not at all as I'd intended. Funny how that works. So the Debbie Bliss Rialto is now going to be the IK Minimalist Cardigan, and it is very happy with that pattern. It did not want to be the Debbie Bliss Diagonal Jacket for which it was intended. No, not at all. But all's well, I wanted that Minimalist Cardigan for the office, and this dark blue and oh so soft merino will be perfect for the office.

The office. Shit, tomorrow is my last day off.

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Anne said...

LOL You're still cool, either way, though I can't wait to see the pictures - totally jealous of garment knitters, I am. :o And it sounds like a very busy holiday! Yes.. work tomorrow.. makes me sad :(