Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Black Monday

So, yesterday I faced the inevitable - Girlchild was off work, so I relocated her dog to her house. Dudley moved out. I managed to get through it and drive home and take Murphy for a nice long walk before I hit the pinot grigio and cried until I fell asleep on the couch. I was just going to take a nap for an hour, and slept until midnight, before relocating to my now strangely roomy bed. Murphy was funny - he has never liked to sleep on my bed because he can't get on and off without assistance but last night he woofed to be put on the bed, and stayed there all night, keeping me company.

Dudley now lives in his mommy's house, with an exciting new roommate. Girl's roommate also has a dog - a big young Lab mix, female, who is a big sweetie. She is fascinated with her new roommate, and the worst danger is that she will hurt him with her big gallumphing puppy affection, so their play will be supervised until they get used to each other. Both dogs have already commenced shedding all over Girl's lovely new sofa, so the place will feel like home in no time. Dudley will adjust. I will adjust. Murphy has already adjusted - he loved his long walk with his very quiet mommy, and his attitude is "Dudley Who?" He's happy to be an only dog again.

Today I will drop Murphy at the groomer's and go off in search of bayberry candles before I come home and continue the cleaning of closets and the transfer of odds and ends to Goodwill. How did I forget how much I love bayberry? Debi put the idea in my head. And I think I used to know that legend too, but I forgot about it over the years. If any household needs good luck, health, and wealth in the coming year, this one does, so bayberry candles will be burning on Christmas Eve.

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Anonymous said...

I knew it was something bad when you didn't post yesterday. At least Murphy is happy.
I'll have to check out the bayberry. I could use a little boost this year.