Saturday, December 8, 2007

It's the weekend, thank GOD.

And I'm up at the crack of dawn as usual. Girlchild is moving out today, yay for her. I really am not upset about this, she's 24 and had lived on her own for 4 years before moving in with me, so she's really ready to have her own living room and her own stuff. I'm a bit sad about Dudley moving out, but I'll get over it. For one thing, I know he'll be back for visits until she has cable and a washer-dryer at the new house, and for another, my backyard still looks like a friggin' borrow pit so I am going to get to fill in all of his excavations and put down mulch that will stay in place and pretty it all up for sale.

I am not getting good vibes at work. I want to be wrong, I really do, but the vibes, they are not encouraging, and I expect to be unemployed shortly. So I'm trimming the budget - you know, my winter ski vacations and all those trips to the Keys I make every year? Oh, wait. Never mind. I'll have to cut some other things then - like the lawn treatment service and the gym membership. Walking and Pilates have to do it from here on.

Girlchild's departure takes my last excuse to procrastinate about selling the house and moving on. From now on it's job one. Realistically with everything else going on I won't get the house listed until the end of January - unless, of course, I am suddenly unemployed and have more free time to get ready. And though I hate garage sales, there will be a big one when the house is listed.

The stress of this situation is not doing my diet any good at all. I am a nervous nibbler - if I'm really under stress I can't eat, but a situation like this brings out my urge to snack - a cookie here, a few pretzels there. That has got to stop. The solution is more knitting in the evenings - keep my hands busy.

This situation still feels slightly surreal - I knew it was a possibility of course, the company had a couple of earlier layoffs, but this week's turn of events was dramatic and extreme.

I am very ready for 2007 to be over.


Anonymous said...

And the resume polished, in envelopes, with stamps. Or at least on Monster daht com.


caroline said...

ay, very crappy...

Brenda said...

I know the organization I work for is closing on June 30, 2008. I have worked there 27 years. I will get a small pension and keep my health insurance, but I'm still concerned about losing the majority of my income. Other than that, I'm ready. Now that I've gotten over the initial "How can they do this to me?" reaction, I'm ready to move on. I won't miss the politics, the nepotism, the air heads that are willing to sleep with our boss to get promoted past me, etc. I know this goes on everywhere and these things will likely go on where ever I get a new job, but I'm ready for a new circus with different clowns. To be honest, I'm to the point that I catch myself looking forward to getting the Hell out of there. At least with my pension, I'll be able to quit my job if I get into a situation that's as bad as this one has been at times. Bring on the change.

Catherine said...

A new circus with different clowns - what a great way to put it. I'm ready for that too.