Monday, December 31, 2007

The Way We Were, circa 1992-ish

In the course of the endless sorting, donating, and throwing out, I found a few old photos from the early 90s, when the kids were small, including one of my favorite shots of my notoriously camera shy late husband:

You can see where Girlchild got her smirk, can't you? I think she was 8 or 9 here:

I swear I was sober in this picture, and all I can say about the hair and makeup is give me a break, it was the 90s. I don't think the makeup was really that heavy in person, I think that's an effect of the flash. I hope.

Boy was around 11, and in this picture appears to be 11 going on 20 - what a serious kid he was, even then.


Anonymous said...

Is it bad that I don't think the makeup looks that heavy? (blame all the time I've spent wearing makeup on stage) - anyway I think its a lovely picture of you (and lovely pictures of your family as well)

Bess said...

Oh. I am inspired. I have one of those photos in my daytimer. Let's see if I can post it.

Aren't you cute?

ChelleC said...

Oh those photos are so sweet. You are all very attractive - by 1992 standards and by today's, actually. I have imagined what you look like before, but it's kind of weird because that's a lot like I pictured you. Maybe I'm psychic?

Catherine said...

I thought I looked slightly buzzed, but I know where the picture was taken and I was just in the middle of saying something to the photographer. I think it's the lipstick that throws me, I don't generally wear anything that dark, nor am I really that undead pale so I think it was the flash - my first reaction was "eeeek."

Maybe you're psychic, or maybe you saw a picture of me on Vi's blog years back, I think that is the only time my face has been on anyone's blog. I figured that's a rule made to be broken for pictures as nostalgic as these.

vi said...

you still look the same catherine
and i think the pale is just the flash and some photograph fade
but you STILL look the same

me i aged

did I AGE
and i got FATTER and FATTER and did i mention i got FATTER????????????


but you look the same to me

i am're gonna be like hepburn us all up...... you will still look the same at 90

( and you WILL still be with us)

who is spinning some tunis from bonnie and edmund.......that i dyed a sort of chocolate cherry color......
it was to have been burgandy

and i am the product of 4+ years of art school.......

someone shoot me now

Catherine said...

Damn, Vi, if I want to post an online dating profile will you please write it for me? And you are awesome, I envy your life and your sheepies and your dolls and your artsy, animal-filled life. Your Bernie is a sweetheart and chocolate cherry yarn sounds gorgeous to me. I didn't get to go to art school, my father put his foot down on such things. Which worked out okay considering, but if I'd been able to be artistic, my life would not have gone on path. Who can say if "being practical" "saved me" or put me in this mess?

vi said...

being practical saved you

and i got to tell you two things about my life

the kitchen is in the living room, the studio and the basement........
and that it the ORGANIZED part of the house

never feed a man bean soup AND fresh pumpkin muffins with bran on the same day........

or if you do......
be prepared to take the.........ahmmm............ punishment


ps: before you know it....someone will find you.... while you are busy living your life and aren't looking

Catherine said...

I guess you don't want the recipe for Blazing Saddles Baked Beans? They are awesome, everybody loves them, but every woman tells me later that they had to open the windows and turn on the ceiling fans. Hence the name. I think they were originally called something innocent, but trust me, it's the campfire scene from Blazing Saddles later.

vi said...

trying to kill me off huh?
i don't think i left you much in the will......just little badger the bfl...
will your homeowners assoc like him?
tell them he's a dog......
he's a bit stunted.....he's little
tell them he's got larengitus

he'll mow and fertilze in one easy pass

since after those beans of yours
i will be asphixiated......
( NO i can't spell, but you knew that)