Sunday, January 7, 2007

Housework, if done right, can kill you.

I will modify that saying: Housework, even if done half-assed as I do it, will leave you feeling half dead. I am so going to bed early.

I was on the phone with Cousin C yesterday, and we were commiserating about the glam lives we lead. I think I won, because the highlight of my weekend was a new shower curtain. Seriously. My life is full and interesting in many ways, but this weekend was not evidence of this. At all.

I also faced reality today and quit pretending I'd ever attend a local knitting group, and unsubbed from their notifications. Every time they sent me notice about a meeting, I think, "Oh gosh, I should make time to go!" and then I realized that I don't need a knitting group. I like to knit, it's one of my favorite "unwind while watching TV" things, but the thought of going to a knitting group where people post descriptions of themselves as "new knitters" and "really excited about it" causes me to "feel very tired" and then to "run like a jackrabbit" in the "other direction." It's not that I'm anti-social. I just don't have the energy for excess social.

The A/C is running furiously. Rumors of a couple of days of cooler weather abound, but it's just a rumor, and just a couple of days. Then we are back in the 80s. It's January. Our winter is generally over by March 1. I think I need to review my patterns and start swatching for tanks. If I'm going to use up this stash on anything other than charity (and I don't mind using most of it for charity) it looks like tanks and shawls are the only knitted things I really need.


Amie said...

I have one local knitting group that is like you said - excessively chipper and perky, and I feel like going would be like attending a sorority meeting that would kill brain cells faster than I can afford. Blech. Another group was a shocking blessing - we happened upon each other, have amazing chemistry, and everyone's happy doing their own thing, there are very few eyelash scarves going on as a matter of habit. I found the first one while feeling guiilty that I didn't have a knitting group, looking everywhere and signing up for "meet ups". The second I stumbled upon reading a blog for the first time.

It convinced me once again that looking for something doesn't do anyone anygood.

Therefore we should never clean - it screws with karma.

(see how I brought that around full circle?)

Catherine said...

Yeah, that's it, I need a knitting group of tired experienced knitters. it will have to find me, because I'm too lazy to look.

km said...

Maybe start a knitting group at a Best Buy, or someplace with a lot of tv's?
I tried that career thingy. It says I should be a neurologist. Would this be the same as brain surgeon? That' the one thing I've ruled out.

Catherine said...

I think I need to start a knitting group that meets at a bar. They have TV and beer, and as long as you stick to really easy patterns (or are an experienced knitter, which I think would be an entrance qualifier because I don't want to tutor anybody) it's not hard to watch TV, drink beer, talk and knit. Baby blankets, that's the ticket.

Gencesca said...

I hear you on the knitting group thing... although my local one DOES meet in a bar, so if you're ever in the Bay Area, let me know! I've yet to make it, though...

I never thought I would trade nice cold Northern California Januaries for a Floridian one, but this year I just need some sunshine. If we could swap a couple of days, would that be OK with you? ;-)

Sue Woo said...

Maybe I'm still alive because I do not do housework! I piddle.

Too bad we all live so far apart. We would make a great knitting group.

Catherine said...

God, we really would.