Saturday, January 6, 2007

Possibly my craziest photos.

I used the big ol' camera to take a picture of the pocket camera. Posed with my glasses to give scale. It is wee. It is light. It is wee, skinny and light, and the photos are good.

I am really liking this grown kids out of college thing and the discretionary income it generates. Boy paid for a fair chunk of that wee wittle camera as my Christmas present. I shall never be without a camera again - the wee one goes with me everywhere, the big serious camera goes with me when I really plan to take pictures. I love them equally, I do not discriminate.

I am working on a baby blanket though we are years from babies in the family, so it will go to charity. It's Cotton-ease, baby yellow. It's nice. It'll be a great hospital donation.

Boy spent NYE with his high school best friend and his family. HSBF has two little boys, ages 2 and 4. Boy went home to his quiet house and said, "Don't expect grandchildren anytime soon." I just cackled - a weekend with hopped on holiday excitement preschoolers is the best birth control ever. I'm not expecting grandchildren anytime soon. I am not pining for them. I am too busy to be a cookie baking and zoo-trip-taking grandma right now, I would be a "shower with gifts and cuddle and then hand 'em back and go home" grandma. They have plenty of time for that. But baby things are my speed, they are small, they are virtually instant gratification, and I've found a couple of local hospitals that seek knitted donations. The Cotton-ease in the stash is destined for a happy use.

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