Saturday, January 6, 2007

Saturday Quiz

Your Career Personality: Independent, Down-to-Earth, and Hard Working

Your Ideal Careers:

Business executive
Computer programmer
Financial analyst
Hedge fund manager
Real estate agent
Technical writer

Have you seen those American Express commercials with Ellen DeGeneres and the animals? That's my real career of choice, not to be a comedian but to work with animals. But this isn't too far off, I'm a quasi-executive who deals with financial things and geotechnical reports and lawyers and could use medication and is in real estate and that involves money so hedge funds and stockbrokers aren't far off, and I ghostwrite all sorts of shit for all sorts of people on complicated contract issues, so technical writer works too. And yet I get only one paycheck for this. I'm depressed and I'll go knit now.


Sue Woo said...

You will be shocked to know that I should be a family counselor or a social worker!

Catherine said...

Girlchild didn't take it yet, I'm curious about her results. She's loving working with autistics. This totally shocks me, but I'm very proud of her.

Mine is accurate as to the career I backed into, not the one I would have chosen for myself if choice had entered into it. Makes me wonder how much of my working persona is the result of environment - I evolved into my job and grew to fit it?

dragon knitter said...

Your Ideal Careers:

Business strategist
College professor
Computer programmer
Video game developer

my ideal jobs. hmmmm. mathematician? i like math, i can do math, but i do not have a mathematical mind. oy.

i like the thought of video game developer though, lol. my kids would love it!