Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Oh, and I must introduce you to

Miss Doxie. I finally got off my lazy ass (oh, you know what I mean) and added her to my sidebar. If you haven't read Miss Doxie yet, you can thank my daughter for the introduction. Miss Doxie is proof that lawyers can be very, very funny. (I already know this to be true because I know very funny people who are also lawyers, but lots of people don't believe this is possible.) Miss Doxie needs to write funny for a living and give up that lawyering crap. Anybody can do that lawyering crap. (God knows, I've worked with Anybody.)


Amie said...

Okay, seriously?

Miss Doxie?

My new hero.

That freakin' rocks.

Catherine said...

Read her archives. Her vacation with her parents made me want to beg to be adopted.