Thursday, February 8, 2007

A consumer report.

The Bean and what I think of it.

First, the Bean I received is not the same as the Bean in the photo - I received the New and Improved Bean Deluxe, At No Extra Charge!!! which is I assume bigger and badder and came with an exercise DVD I have not sampled yet. I did a few exercises in the booklet.

I like the Bean. The Bean is strangely addictive, especally when combined with Keith Olbermann. I could have crunched all night, and damn near did do it for an hour. It is not as Effortless as hyped in their materials, but I didn't expect or want it to be. It is like an exercise ball but not. It's more like an exercise crescent. It still requires balance, so it does work your core. You can flip it over and stretch your back on it. I think it does what it claims to do. But here is the Bean tip du jour - you want to get an exercise mat, if you don't own one already. I do own one and that makes all the difference with the Bean. You need a non-slip surface, not so much for safety, though that is an element, but because if your feet are sliding you can't get the full effect of a crunch. Without the mat the Bean stayed put, my bare feet did not.

A rare knitting sighting may occur this weekend, and I may be buying a car, too. But first I have to survive Friday.


Bess said...

Ooooo! New Car! This is exciting. I'll be chanting good new car juju for you.

Crunches have always been my favorite exercise (I know - i'm defective that way). When the fitness guru tested all the muscle groups, the only one at 100% were the abs! So what do you know - with the back injury, guess what exercise I can't do? I mean. sometimes, life just ain't fair. I have to do them standing up and lifting my legs - and that's fine, but not as much fun.

CursingMama said...

Sending good survival mojo your way.