Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Promotion Watch, Day...I've lost count.

So, today I confronted Jefe and asked what was up with the alleged promotion. He swears (again) that it's a done deal, and this time lays it at the feet of the HR guy, and claims HR guy swore he'd get it done. He also swears that the money will be retroactive. Other people have been promoted since I've been with this company, and there was no slow torture beforehand. I am not feeling the love. But if I feel the money, I'll stick around a while longer and see what happens next. I will stay for money. No money, I'm gone. And it has to be the money I was told it would be, if that doesn't come through, forget it.

Because for the right money it's worth living with the insanity and socking away cash and hanging around to see what happens. The longer I can last, the better positioned I will be, and it really is much easier to tolerate it now that I've quit caring. I will do my job competently because I am hard-wired to do a good job, but I'm detached from everything but the paycheck. I don't like spending my work days that way, it's too many hours of my waking life to not enjoy and care about what I do, but I really think that regardless of what I do, this is a short term situation.

In the meantime, I'll fix up the yard and paint and continue to throw out and give away the excess, so I'll be ready to bail out on Florida in 2007.

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Sue Woo said...

If it's a done deal what's the hold-up? I swear, I smell a rat.