Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Jefe talked to HR Guy for a long time, came out of his office after 5, asked me work questions, which I answered, then got on the phone. I didn't get a thumbs-up, or anything at all. I left. And other things happened that I will refrain from mentioning now but if I quit, you'll get to hear it.

I'm what they call an A player. I have worked for national law firms and international corporations, and I am not bragging, I'm just good at what I do and I have been valued everywhere I have ever been. I have left dysfunctional jobs, but I've never been asked to leave any job, ever, in my life. I have never been fired, or pushed out. I am the dump-er, not the dump-ee, of a job that isn't what I want. I have been on the A team everywhere I have ever worked. I'm smart, I'm experienced, I'm creative, I know this industry from all sides, I am fluent in dirt and vertical construction AND real estate transactions, and I can surf the waves of bullshit, which is critical in my job. Because this is so far from a normal job, and I'm okay with that as long as we all acknowledge this and I get credit for surfing the waves as I do. But I am just about out of patience with this.

But I'm really pissed because I did not want to have to quit now. I wanted this to hang together a while longer, so I could get the house ready to put on the market and tidy up loose ends and then move on if it still seemed necessary. I would stay on as long as it looked like there was hope. I wanted this to work. But this clock is running out. And the timing sucks, because I'm two months from putting the house on the market and probably 5 months from moving, and I can't afford to be unemployed that long. Contract work sounds like the plan, if it comes to that.


dragon knitter said...

have you thought about getting your real estate license? or would that take too long?

boy, that sucks, that no one will be straight forward with you.

Bess said...

Must be the stars. Mercury retrograde or something. Hang in there. I have utter total confidence in you. and I will actually give you 2 months before I will really yell at you for not walking.

white light and good thoughts.

sallyjo said...

I'm thinking someday we'll all have to get stinking and name names,dates, and places. If we all do it at once, they can't fire all of us, right?
Remember, the clock is running out. On them.