Friday, February 16, 2007

Slightly Better, Actually

A few things happened today that were encouraging, in the sense that maybe the exec team is going to start paying attention to the issues that are keeping me up at night. I had a couple of blunt discussions about things they need to be thinking about, and to their credit, they are getting involved. But just the fact that I am having those kinds of discussions with the executives who run the company is a pretty fair indication that I am not a paralegal. That ain't paralegal duty. I am functioning as part of the management team and I expect to be recognized for it and compensated accordingly.

And Jefe said he'd talk to HR on Monday and get my deal done - he swears it is already blessed and just needs to be inked. I had already prognosticated that Monday would be the day of answers, and I was right.

I'm a realist. I don't think this is going to work long-term, in fact I am sure it won't. But I'm willing to stick around to see how the story plays out, as long as they pay me enough to make it worth it. I am not emotionally invested at this point, it really is much easier when you give up hope, but for a decent raise I'll hang around and play a while longer. But if the "done deal" is not what was promised when we talk on Monday, I'm done.

I swear, there will be knitting and dog things and not all Catherine's job sucks and f-bombs this weekend.


Amie said...

That was one of the oddly disheartening things to me, too. "it really is much easier when you give up hope"...

It made me wonder for a long time why I'd been spending all that energy on work ethic to begin with, because clearly the people who just didn't give a damn were onto something.

But yeah, you've got nothing to lose. If they come through, you keep getting paid for a while longer while you take care of the things you need to. If they don't, you're fine with that, too, who cares? You get a month off at the insistance of all of cyber-world!

Martha said...

Miz C,
Appreciate your realistic take on the job scene & the execs. Good to have someone going to bat for you & good for you to have your own well-being 1st & foremost on your horizon.
To paraphrase Rev. Al Sharpton in a Presendential debate, discussing his trip to Africa & his puzzlement that the other candidates had not gone there:
When you have your head in the sand, your bee-hind is exposed for all the world to see.