Sunday, March 25, 2007

Changing the subject to something positive...

because ranting about the healthcare system is so depressing and frustrating.

I've signed up for Runagogo, the sequel, the brainchild of Rachael, who is an actual, serious runner. I am a walker and an elliptical trainer-er, my knees do not approve of running, especially on hard pavement. The premise is simple, you sign up and commit to cover 100 miles in 3 months. It starts April 1. Most of the participants are runners, but you can walk, swim, whatever. 100 miles in 3 months is only a bit more than a mile a day, my 81 year old mother could walk that! My 64 year old cousin already does 3x that distance every day! (And she can walk me and her 30something sons into the ground, as she proved when we did Universal Studios last year.) It would be embarrassing to claim I can't do it. Of course, we do have the Florida issue - by July 4, when this round ends, it will be hotter than hell. That's when I will be logging the miles on the elliptical trainer. Anybody want to join me in this?


Amie said...


Okay, my fatass needs this.

So I will join you, but not run-a-go-go (too much KAL feel to me, and that gives met he hives).

A little more than a mile a day on my treadmill or with the monster. That's actually going to really be pushing me at my current fitness level, sadly.

But I really should and if you can do it this recently after your brain popped, I should be able to do it at this point, too.

So there.

Catherine said...

Yeah, I don't KAL or Secret Pal or any of that other virtual sorority stuff either, but to me this is different. This is mutual motivation to do something that is good for the people doing it. I need to walk every day. Keeping score and reporting in periodically is a reinforcement. It's very low pressure, but it's motivation. I could do it myself and report here, but I impulsively signed up w/Rachael so I'll report in both places.

Martha said...

Miz C,
Funny you would write this post at this time - a good pal & I were just talking over the week-end about exercise & walking.
Although I probably will not sign up on the site you mentioned, I'll sign up here w/you - how's that?

Catherine said...

We could pick a day to check in with our total for the week - Saturday?

ChelleC said...

I want to do this too, Catherine. After reading your blog entry on Sunday night, I was determined to go walking with my little dog, Domino. Left the house and locked myself out. But I'm going to definitely start walking more - that has been my plan and I will do it too.

sallyjo said...

My daughter and I both need this (she might be 18, but I'm still Mom). I'll have to come up with some kind of reward. I know! a buck a mile, good at Barnes and Noble's. Of course, I'll have to take her.... This could be an expensive reward. How 'bout a gold star?