Thursday, March 29, 2007

How old are your pillows?

No, this isn't about all the disgusting little critters living in them if they are old, that's a subject for someone with a stronger stomach. I just thought I'd share this - since the surgery I was sleeping badly and waking up with a headache, and yesterday I was putting clean sheets on my bed and realized that my pillows didn't have much "pillow" left in them. They would fluff and look pretty but sigh and flatten out as soon as my head hit. I bought new pillows on my illicit outing to Target yesterday, and this morning I did not have a headache and felt amazingly good. I don't think it was a coincidence.

I finished the scarf and I'm halfway up the front of the Dulaan kid pullover. Boy has been recruited to help me do the heavy lifting cleaning out the house. We are making progress here.


sallyjo said...

I understand.
I have a pillow I cannot live without. It has firm edges, and keeps my neck straight.
Congratulations on breaking the rules, by the way.

Catherine said...

Yeah, I'm going to be breaking them more and more, because it will probably be two weeks before I am "officially approved" to drive, what with having to get another dr's appt after the CT scan, and that's a lot of trips to Goodwill to drop off stuff down the drain!

Bess said...

Hey gal. Here's another trivia bit: if your arms hurt in the a.m., that's another sign of Bad Pillows!

Glad to see you writing again. Glad to have IA to read again.

hugs a bunch
see you in Maryland