Friday, March 30, 2007

Random Thoughts.

Daytime TV question: Do the producers of "The Price Is Right" bus in a load of trashy tacky people for their audience, then hand-select slobs to be contestants? I cannot get over the way they look! I dress better to clean the house, and the guy who mows my yard looks far more presentable while riding his mower. Oh, occasionally there is someone who looks normal or even well-groomed, but the vast majority of the audience looks like they got dressed out of a grab bag in the dark, except for some sort of tacky t-shirt obviously made for the occasion. WHY? Why would anyone choose to appear on national television looking like they took a day off from the carnival sideshow? Girl and I have been watching in horrified fascination - it is becoming our favorite fashion traffic accident.

There is a tabloid show called "The Insider" that is still leading with Anna Nicole "news bulletins." I'm reminded of the old SNL gag, "Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead!"

The blurring of news and entertainment is particularly obvious on the morning "news" shows, which have become so light and fluffy the anchors must need to be tied to their chairs so they don't float away. They, too, are deeply into the Anna Nicole baby daddy story. Between that and the cutesy fawning over "MC Rove," it's hard to keep breakfast down. If they spent that time acting like actual journalists, doing actual news stories and giving in-depth information, the public would have to be better informed in spite of itself - this infotainment crap is not an accident. We are being systematically dumbed-down.

After a month of forced domesticity, it is abundantly clear that I need to work. I suck at staying home. I think I would like it until I do it, then I realize I need structure for my days. I am going to make April the month of serious self and home improvement and make it my job, so I don't find myself in the living room when a "news" person starts babbling about a "breaking" Anna Nicole story, because I have started yelling at the TV. My son is coming down mid-April to help me attack the clutter I can't deal with alone, and by the end of April I may have the house almost ready to put on the market. I'm targeting July 1 as Put the House on the Market Day.

A house like mine just went on the market for substantially more $ than I would have thought. I think the listing agent is smoking crack, but I've thought that about listings before and was wrong. I'll be watching this one carefully. My guess is they'll have to cut the price, but I would love to be wrong. They may be my best comp when I list mine, so I am rooting for them.

Girl is returning to work April 1st, and she is so glad she's practically skipping around the house celebrating, even though she's not that crazy about her job. She is very much like her mother, we need structure and someone who is expecting us to show up and do something, or we sit on the couch and mock the contestants on The Price Is Right. Which I believe is on right now. Excuse me....


Kerstin said...

I haven't seen the Price Is Right since I was a kid. I may have to tune in just to watch the fashion wreck. Although, I could always go to the mall for the same entertainment.

It's funny, it's the lack of structure I like because I create structure out of habit. Maybe that's why a structured environment drives me nuts ... I've already got enough structure going on. The VIP is home full-time now and it's fun to see him impose structure on his days, as well. The dude is just as productive as if he was getting paid for it. (No runs for beer and lotto tickets yet!)

Good luck getting your house together. It feels great to get rid of stuff (and I'm the same way about throwing stuff out, I hate adding to landfills). You feel loads lighter after you've finished, I promise!

Cursing Mama said...

TPIR was my grandma's favorite show. I always thought it was an odd choice until I realized it wasn't the game it was the sideshow.

Maybe you should sneak over to the house with the big price & bury one of those St. statues (why can't I remember which one?) to help them sell. It'll give you a job ;) AND an adventure.....

Catherine said...

Some people have a natural knack for creating structure. Mine has been around work (and school) since around the age of 17, give or take a few months, so creating my own structure requires conscious thought, and I was supposed to be resting - it's only in the last week that I started to really get my energy back and my headaches tapered off.

I have plans for every day next week. I am starting a move notebook, and writing down things I need to address. I am going to be productive, and avoid Today or GMA and certainly TPIR.

Cursing One: It's St. Joseph. And yes, TPIR is all about the sideshow. I can't imagine what foreign visitors think when they see it. Today a guy was wearing a hand-decorated t-shirt that billowed around him and hung like a tunic - and he was one of the more normal ones. I couldn't read the writing on it because he was jumping around like a 4 year old. Nobody will ever mistake that show for "Jeopardy." ;-)

carolyn said...

I've actually been in the audience of the Price is Right and no, those people are not plants. Everyone there really does look like that. On their own. Of their own free will. It's quite a little freakshow.

Glad you're feeling better!