Thursday, March 22, 2007


It may be hard to imagine a follow-up with a brain surgeon after a scary bad brain thing as a fun doctor's appointment, but the guy who fixed my brain is just so sweet and funny. To cut a long story short, I have to go for a blood test to check the level of the anti-seizure meds in my blood and go back to him next Thursday before he will clear me to drive. He does not want me to rush back to work if I can afford to take more time off (I can). He advised another month and then easing back part time. (Can you see why I love him?)

And the #1 prescription? Exercise. Also yoga and meditation. He was concerned about my stress level and Type A personality and ordered me to start working out again to reduce my stress - monitoring my energy level and not wearing myseif out, of course. Otherwise, it was all laughing and chit-chat. He repeated again that my aneurysm is totally gone.

Murphy's nickname used to be "Porkchop" because he was little and loved pork chops. He has filled out - now we call him Pork Roast. He's rapidly approaching a buffet table-sized Honeybaked Ham. So, for the health of my pudge-butt dog as well as my own health, I will start walking with him every day. I can get back on the elliptical trainer, and pull The Bean out of the closet. Yay!

I expect to be cleared to drive next Thursday - Dr. SL is just being cautious because I did have a seizure during the brain pop. I never had one before and haven't had one since, so it's not a big concern.

But this is why I love this doctor - Stressed? Go swimming. Do yoga. He is pragmatic and down to earth. You don't need pills, you need to get off your ass. My kind of doctor! Too bad he's not a primary care type, I want to find one with his attitude.


Martha said...

Miz C,
I believe that you have found your own Dr. McDreamy - you go, girlfriend! - at least for your recent medical care.
Man oh man, ya gotta love the yoga, meditation, chill out vibe that comes from this doc.
Can we clone him?

Kerstin said...

I have a primary care physician who has a wonderful attitude. I've been seeing her for almost 15 years now and she never fails to impress me with her calm and intelligent way of relating to her patients. She is from India and I always get a kick out of her accent. My last visit, she emphasized the importance of reducing stress levels and she specifically mentioned yoga, in addition to mind-body work. She says the human body is a marvelous machine but it can only take so much abuse before it starts to break down. You should shop around for a PCP you like, it makes all the difference. (And I should take my own advice and find a more caring Gyn.)

I have noticed this year that when I manage to get a workout in (even if it's just a 30 minute fast walk on the elliptical), it makes all the difference in the rest of my day. I think more clearly and feel incredibly mellow for the entire day. Unfortunately, this result appears to last only 24 hours so I'm forced to repeat it every day. Bummer. :)

Debi said...

I'm so glad you're doing so well Catherine!

Catherine said...

I would love to clone this guy! I wish there was a way to search an insurance company directory for doctors based on their philosophy of care - if you have a lot of stress and anxiety in your life, do they recommend walking and yoga, or hand you a script for happy pills? Don't get me wrong, I am not Tom Cruise and I do think there are times when meds are appropriate, (see: my mother, who won't take them) but they should be the last resort, not the quick and easy answer. I know too many people on mood-altering meds who really should deal with the underlying causes of stress in their lives, but they pop a pill and stay in a bad job and/or a bad marriage that is the reason they need the pills in the first place. "Everything is FINE! Really!"

My life was not fine, it has been seriously out of balance for some time. I had to have an anvil dropped on my head to stop procrastinating and address the imbalances.

KnitNana said...

Congratulations on good news and smart medical advice! I'm lucky to have a great primary care physician, but I know how hard they are to find...

carlarey said...

For a second I thought you were calling the doctor Pork Roast. Had to reread that sentence.

And when you finally do go back to work, if anyone starts stressing you, just rub your scar and mumble , "I'm getting a headache..."

Amie said...

Can Dr. Happy recommend anyone to you? And does he know anyone in Baltimore?

(fall of 2005 when my world was screwy, I went to my then-GP and said "I have cancer, my best friend and her daughter died, and my husband is in Iraq, can you recommend a shrink" and she offered me meds. Hence the "former" in that previous sentence)

Good for you and your little pork roast. Now get your honeybaked ass up and moving so we can see you soon!

(and tell the word verification evil genies that giving a dyslexic a test of nothing but b q d and p is just plain mean.)

Bess said...

Hugs a million, girl.

Geogrrl said...

Soo... *waggling eyebrows* this doctor married? I saw his photo--not bad, and nice to boot.

Yes, I heartily approve of physicians who advocate diet and exercise. IMHO, addressing those two things address a lot of common ailments.

As does admitting you're in a shitty situation and it's time to get out.

I need to listen to myself more.

Catherine said...

Yes, this doctor is married. The charming, sweet ones always are.