Monday, March 12, 2007

Still Foggy

My vision, that is. But I found that if I enlarge the type to ginormous, I can see to type a bit.

Today is the first day I haven't needed 3 or 4 naps. I am supposed to be getting physical therapy, but like everything about this cosmic clusterfuck, PT hasn't contacted me. I'm going to tell them to get lost if/when they do call. I am walking and showering unassisted, today I changed the sheets on my bed and did a load of laundry. I do not need PT.

When my vision improves I will tell true tales of horror of the modern hospital system. It wasn't all bad - my surgeon is the greatest, and his incredibly hot PA is a sweetheart. Some of the nurses were great, and one even brought her chihuahua puppy to visit me in the NICU. (Dogs were a great bonding experience.)

While I was writing this, PT showed up without calling first. We have tried at least 15 times to correct my phone number in their system, and I give up. PT guy did an evaluation and agreed with me that I am doing fine and I do not need PT. I need a good haircut. I have a shaved swath on the side of my head that is dificult to disguise, so al the months of growing out my hair was for naught, I need to get K the Hair God to scissor it super short. I need my vision to clear up and a good haircut, otherwise I'm 90% normal.

And that's enough eyestrain for now.


Dionne said...

I am so glad to hear that you are doing well. I rarely comment on blogs, but I have followed yours for a long time - you may remember that DoD ip address that popped up on your old blog :)

knitti-me said...

I'm relieved to read you're home and on the way to 100%. With a couple of cuss words thrown in (your posts) as an indicator, I predict you'll be in fine form very soon.

I look forward to reading your tales of the back-less gown variety.

Catherine, again, glad you're back. We missed you copiously. You were in our thoughts and prayers throughout this whole ordeal.

You have a cyber family out here and we especially appreciated Girl Child keeping us in the loop.

Debi said...

You'll rock a short do - hey you might even need a knitted hat ;)
Feel good Catherine, better every day!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that you are doing so well but are you sure you are not doing too much ?
You are a very determined lady.
Best Wishes
Long time lurker (London UK) again. Jan

KatyaR said...

Ah, hair--it's gonna get hot soon, so a short do will be nice! I don't think I'll ever grow my hair out again.

Glad to see you up and about a little more. I hope the doc has some encouraging words about your eyes--that's not a good thing to have problems with.

I'm glad your home with your doggies--hope they're keeping you company!

the otherJanet said...

I've been trying to comment (just to say how glad I am that you're pulling out of this so admirably) but somehow I keep messing it up--and I'm not the one that had the aneurysm.

Thank you so much for letting us know how you're doing. I have been fretting about you!

Can't wait to hear the rest of the story. . .
(Oh, and GirlChild was AWESOME. That apple didn't fall too far. . .I haven't read all of your comments. I'm sure lots of people have already pointed that out.)

KnitNana said...

Even if it's only a few words, Catherine, keep posting - we were all so worried! It's just so good to hear you cuss again...And if you can't 'cause you're tired, let GC! She rocks, just like her Mom!

I keep thinking of the brassy, awesome chick who had a tree tattooed over her mastectomy scar (sorry, name has escaped me) - you are that sort of tough! Short, short hair sounds perfect!!


poormary said...

I'd be happy with 90% normal anytime. ;)

I'll bet they are missing you at work. Too bad for them. :)

dragon knitter said...

glad to hear you're feeling up to your usual sarcasm. that's a good sign, lol. and hey, maybe you can get the cyndi lauper look back in vogue (beat me later! it might be good PT!) and maybe cutting the hair can be counted as hair loss?

if more doctors listened to their patients, there'd be a lot fewer problems.

Bliss said...

So glad to hear you are back and on the mend. I hope your vision clears soon. You are still on our prayer list. Big thanks to the Girl child for keeping us in the know.

I could send you about 10-12 inches of hair, you might have to color out the "natural" highlights - hee! As George Carlin said, "Spare hair is fair."

Don't bother trying to respond to comments - use your energy to recover.

Martha said...

Miz C,
Hon, you rock all the time, no matter if there's a punk-looking shaved patch or not.
Reading your words, feeling your vitality come through the screen, exhaling over the fact that you are 90% back - all these things make me thank the angels that you had on your shoulders. Plus the doc & the hottie PA & your good nurses & the little dog too.
Much XOXO to you.

Amie said...

The fact that you're recovering from your aneurysm faster than I recovered from the bad cold I had last month makes me sound like a big wimp.

And I didn't need your help in that area.

Keep givin' 'em hell, girl

CursingMama said...

What does it mean if I make the type gynormis a lot of the time?

Glad you're doing so much better - you had me very scared.

Jeri said...

Oh, jesus. I am SOOOOO glad to see that you're back. I've been praying for you and checking in to see if there is news on your recovery. So.... dare I say it looks like you finally blew a gasket? (((hugs)))

zippiknits said...

What can I say that hasn't been said? I was thrilled to see you back blogging, and I will keep you close in my thoughts every day. May you see a lot of improvement in your eyesight as each day goes by. Great Big Hugs to you! With Love spread on thickly!

Geogrrl said...

" everything about this cosmic clusterfuck, PT hasn't contacted me. I'm going to tell them to get lost if/when they do call. I am walking and showering unassisted, today I changed the sheets on my bed and did a load of laundry. I do not need PT."


Well, I'm glad to see that there were no personality changes that went along with the aneurysm. That sounds like the original Catherine.

Bess said...

What they said.

And thank you for your prayers. they were answered. Mama is in assisted living at last.