Monday, April 23, 2007

Hah! (totally edited)

For those who saw this post earlier, I've gone back and rephrased it, because I didn't like the tone. It sounded more stuck-up than funny.

Maybe it's the haircut. Today a man started flirting with me in Barnes & Noble, and that never happens. He wasn't my type - if you're well over 60 you better be a ringer for Harrison Ford, or better yet, BE Harrison Ford. The first time a man over 60 hit on me, I was truly wounded - how old does he think I AM, anyway? A male friend explained it thusly: To a man that age, I am a hot young babe at 48. The 48 year olds all want/think they actually have a chance at getting 28 year old Pilates instructors, preferably Latina. I've come to understand that he spoke truth. So I have gotten used to the idea that the men who try to pick me up in bookstores or anywhere else will be "Older," and I've decided I'm okay with this, but I still draw the line at "Older than Cousin C." Unless he's Sean Connery or an excellent facsimile thereof.

Maybe after I color it I'll get hit on by the ones who aren't on Social Security yet. Naah, not likely. (He can be an AARP member, but not collecting SS yet - I do have standards.) ;-)


dragon knitter said...

did you see what crazy aunt purl is doing? woohoo!

people still think i'm way younger than i am, even with the grey hair, sigh.

geogrrl said...


Even at his current age (70+?) I'd still take Sean Connery. Yow.

Amy in StL said...

Yeah I have to admit my current and last boyfriend were 43 and 50, respectively. Being in my late 30's, makes me 10 years or more older than all the other girlfriends in our group. I'm not ready to be the "experienced" one!

Debi said...

It's all relative C - my Mom went to her first "singles" outing since my Dad's death in December and she was totally repulsed that a drooling 85 year old hit on her! But to him, my well preserved 74 year old Mom is a total hottie! :) (she has no interest in becoming a nurse tho - there is definitely something to be said for being a cougar, hee!)

Catherine said...

Your mom is a hottie, I remember her picture on your blog when they modeled the sweaters you'd made. Just wait, she'll be competing with me for the not too decrepit 60 year olds! My cousin C had one lunch with her 80 year old suitor (she's 64) and had to brush him off when he kept calling. It was so funny, she called me and asked how you give a nice guy you don't want to date a gentle brush off - I said if she finds the ideal way, she needs to share it with me because I don't know how to do it gracefully either.