Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Holy Crap.

By now most of the knitblog world knows that Laurie, aka Crazy Aunt Purl has written a book (vindicating those of us who have been reading her blog and muttering that if ANY knitblogger ought to write a damn book, it's her). But here's the holy crap part - as of this morning, as I write this, it's #62 on the Amazon top 100. It's not available yet, and she just announced it on her blog yesterday, and it's right below John and Teresa Heinz Kerry's book. Holy Crap.

The dogs are strangely tired today - I stayed up until after 11 p.m. last night, a bit later than usual. I have tried to keep to my normal "working" hours while on medical leave, so that going back to work would not be any more painful than necessary, so on weeknights I'm generally in bed by 9:30 or 10 and up at 5:30. The dogs are on my schedule. Last night I stayed up late, for no particular reason, and the dogs of course had to stay up with me, they can't go to bed until I do. That's their rule. This morning the dogs would not get up. I called and called, and each opened an eye and gave me a look that said, "God, woman! Can't you see that I'm exhausted? Go away!" Dudley finally stirred a few minutes ago, but I had to pick Murphy up and listen to him groan about it, (Murphy groans like an old man when disturbed) and put his grumpy little ass outside. They are back inside already and have resumed sleeping. I can't believe a less than two hour change in their routine brought this on. These dogs are lightweights, as well as creatures of habit to the OCD degree.

I just can't take these wild late nights!

Actual knitting content (I know, I know....) My next project has revealed itself, and just in time for MDS&W. I followed a link from Mason-Dixon Knitting and found this: Argosy Wrap. I absolutely love it, though I do not love the idea of making it in Noro Kureyon, it's not soft enough for me. Lion and Lamb would be fabulous, dahlink, but pricey, and I haven't had a paycheck in, ahem, some time, so that would be wrong. Tempting, but wrong. But now I have a shopping mission for MDS&W - I will use my weekend pass from the yarn fast to find something soft and self-stripey for the Argosy Wrap, which looks like it may become my next obsession. And thank you to Ann and Kay for the great phrase "Jemima Puddle-Duck Syndrome," which can happen to women over 40 who wear triangular shawls. That thought had been bugging me too, and now I have a name for it. I would argue that if the triangular shawl is large enough for Drama, it would cancel out the Puddle-Duck Effect, but it should be used with caution, and always combined with bare arms and an element of sexy. A fuzzy little triangular shawl, no - it's way too "Keeping Grandma Warm."

So I've been working away at socks and the endless huge purple sweater, and needed a new project - ask, and the Universe will provide. Though I keep asking for a winning lottery ticket, and the Universe says, "Hey bitch, you ain't dead, are you?" The Universe has a point there. I'll go with the new knitting project and shut up.


Jenn said...

Brooks Farm Yarn (www.brooksfarmyarn.com) has a yarn they call Four Play that is 50/50 fine wool and silk. Is $16 a skein (270 yds/4 oz) and it looks like they'll be at MDS&W. I got some for a Clapotis and love it! So soft and not nearly the cost of Lion and Lamb. I haven't knit it up yet, but have wound it (and played with it a lot). I ordered it after hearing great things about it.

Catherine said...

Oooh I've heard of Four Play but never saw it in person! I'll have to hit Brooks Farm first thing, because I remember it was a madhouse last time I did MD. Thanks for the tip!

Amie said...

I can't get the link for the wrap to work. I even tried googling it, and the links from there didn't work either. pleh.

However, as to the Jemima Puddle-Duck Syndrome - I often say I don't need a giant arrow pointing out my ass, folks can find it on their own without help. But JPDS works too!

Catherine said...
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Catherine said...


Try that - it's so long it took me two tries to paste it.
I tested the link from my page and it worked, so I don't know what's wrong!

Amy in StL said...

Wow that wrap is awesome! Way more hip lady than old grandma.