Saturday, April 7, 2007

It's a holiday weekend

so an appliance has to break. This time it's the microwave, the above-the-range Sharp Carousel installed when I remodeled the kitchen, not that long ago. First it was the door latch - it was sticking, and I knew this was a bad thing but what the hell, it was still working, and I had other things to deal with. Now the door latch is still sticking, but the microwave also will not turn on. Obviously something in the latch has to talk to the ON switch and they are not on speaking terms anymore.*

* Edited: I think I just fixed it. I am not sure it will stay fixed, but the latch is working right now and it turns on. Fingers crossed.

First order of business on Monday is may be to have to call for appliance repair, because we live out of the microwave here. Girlchild works evenings and when I'm working I work days, and I cook maybe 2x a week. The rest of the time we are nuking frozen things or heating things up. It's sad to think we wore out the latch on the microwave, but I think we did. Or maybe the Sharp Carousel is just a piece of crap.

Dudley is doing very well, despite breaking every restriction on the vet's list. His stitches are fine, he is sleeping on his favorite chair with his head under the pillow, and all is right with the world. Last night we had a half night of sleeping in the crate. Dudley is long when he sprawls, and the crate really can't handle a Dudley full length sprawl with bonus stretch anymore. And this pissed him off. Around 2 a.m. I woke up to the sound of Dudley violently rearranging the blanket in the crate, and SIGHING. Loud, disgusted sighs. Flounce, scritch at blanket, flop, sigh. Get up. Repeat. It was driving me nuts and my allergies were bothering me anyway, so I let him out of the crate and moved to the living room couch, because the couch is lower if he's going to insist on sleeping with me. He made a nest on a throw at the end of the couch, no longer compelled to sprawl because he won the crate argument. I was awake for hours. Girl was working a double shift so she got home at 8 a.m., went to bed, then got up at 2 and went back to work, only pausing to make a fuss over her baby. It's a good thing that we timed this surgery for when I am off work, because I spent the day recuperating and avoiding the Publix day before holiday Armageddon, I didn't have to go anywhere.

Tonight he can sleep in my bed if he wants. He's been jumping in and out of it anyway.


Elysbeth said...

Funny how they can make their ideas known.

Bess said...

Do you sometimes think they know more than we do about what's good for them?

Catherine said...

Bess, I was left wondering if anyone at the vet's office had any familiarity with Boston Terriers! They are high energy and extremely smart, and I do trust Dudley to know what he can and cannot do. Dudley has been so good, he hasn't asked to play fetch or do anything else too strenuous, but NOT sleep with Grandma or his Mommy? Not nap on his chair? Are they crazy?! We both got a good night's sleep last night.