Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mmmm, almond...

Okay, so now the idea of a side trip to L'Occitane was planted by Crazy Aunt Purl. I've tried the Revlon Colorstay and it was way too drying on my lips even with liberal application of the gloss, but God how I love L'Occitane, I have to go in just to inhale deeply whenever I am at Millenia, which is maybe 3x a year. I've never tried the Almond Shower Oil, I tend to avoid products with the word "oil" in the name as a rule, because in this hot, humid climate, oil tends to seal my pores shut and makes me feel terribly sticky and miserable. But I didn't realize that it lathered and was not greasy, so on her recommendation I will have to try that stuff. I really don't need a side trip there this weekend, since that mall also has the Apple Store and I am a sucker for electronics and things that smell nice and I already have a full agenda this weekend. But they do have an online store, so all is not lost. But that means I can't sniff their new cherry blossom fragrance in person, and I'm guessing it's probably way more sophisticated than the Bath and Body Works version, which I also like. Hmmm. Maybe tomorrow, maybe. Today is for home improvement and the gym.

I did not knit a stitch all week. I did accomplish many other good things, so I am not mourning this. I did work on the Argosy Wrap for a bit this morning while drinking my coffee and watching a recorded Keith Olbermann. That may be it for the day. I have given up all pretense that this is still officially a knitting blog. Knitting is not a priority in my life anymore, I still like it, I still do it, but I've moved on and I'm glad.

I survived my first week back at work and it actually was good. I brought home a bit of work, I'll noodle around with it at my leisure this weekend. R and I are luxuriating in the glow of being able to set up our own systems and dismantle that which did not work, and that requires some thought.

Time to get presentable and make the rounds - Home Depot, Target, supermarket, oh my.


Lynn said...

I saw the same post by Aunt Purl and thought the same thing. Living in Orlando makes anything with oil just not good during the summer, but since she lives in the southern part of CA, it might work here as well.

Catherine said...

I'll try it and report. It is drier and not as hot where Laurie is, but my skin is extra dry this year so it's time to move to the heavy moisturizer artillery.