Monday, May 28, 2007

Painting, painting...

it's a bitch. But I'm really loving the blue, and I'm taking my time with this- in the past, I've always rushed through a painting project on a deadline, OhmygawdIhaveTWOdaystogetthisdone, but this is a job for a week or two. I did one wall and part of another today, taking my fiddly sweet time cutting in along the corners, making a nice clean line along the ceiling, because the difference between blue and white is not like the difference between cream and white. I will not paint when I am tired, because I will get cream on my blue and blue on my cream and blue on that godawful popcorn ceiling where it will stand out like a cold sore and scream This Woman Can't Paint. So I will move slowly and carefully, and dab a little when I am in the mood, and over the course of the week I will dab a little more here and there, and then next weekend Girlchild will assist in moving the Big-F'in-Heavy furniture to get the last naked walls. And I am much less worried about the issue of selling the house with a Blue Room, because this is a good blue - it will work with yellows and even the right browns, (I LOVE brown and blue together if they're the right shades) most roses, of course all sorts of creams, many greens, it's not limiting at all. And if the new owner finds it too blue, well, Home Depot has a wonderful guy in the paint dept. who offers advice - but be warned, he approved of this. And I will take pictures of the finished room, but right now it's just a naked blue wall, and pretty as it is, it's not really all that much.

Oh, and now that it is on an entire wall, Girlchild approves - she didn't care for it on the small swatch but now she sees how it will look, and pronounced it good. And I'm glad I didn't let her initial disapproval make me second guess myself, because it nearly did, because I value her opinions about such things even though we do differ in our decorating style at times. I have a Vision of how it will look with the furniture and such, and I'm confident that it will work, but her initial dramatic gagging reaction caused some Doubt. But it's good.

I am getting to the home stretch on the Argosy Wrap, and then I have to make room for blocking, because this baby needs some serious blocking to make the points flat and open up the holes. It's also a little narrower than the pattern specs, but not by much - I am sure blocking will take care of it. And then it is onward to socks. Many socks are in my future. And gloves. Because I plan to have cold hands next winter.

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