Saturday, June 16, 2007

Almost Done.

And now I can see that the furniture looks just the way I thought it would against the blue walls. I still need to finish up the "dressing area" (the giant vanity and two sinks stuck outside the tiny bathroom) and the area behind the TV, which I could not unhook and move because Apollo 13 was on after Mr. Holland's Opus after October Sky, so please, the TV can be moved tomorrow. Please note the elegant Hefty bag dresser scarf I did not move before taking the photo. I did move the beer.

8 hours of painting, people. I am so tired, I can barely see straight. I am going to take a long shower and put clean sheets on the bed that is in the middle of the room, and curl up around 8 tonight. Because I'm 49 this month and that's a wild and crazy Saturday these days. God help me.

The dogs are really sick of this painting crap. They feel sorely neglected. They were not left outside the entire day, they spent most of it lounging in soft beds in the air conditioning, they were outside for five minutes before I took this picture. But I thought it captured their feelings better than the one of Dudley lounging on the Ethan Allen loveseat, or Murphy on his back in his giant soft bed. I have not been at their beck and call today, and they have suffered. Just ask them.


Jane said...

I hope you have a wonderful sleep in your beautiful blue-sky room. I love it.

Bess said...

Oh OH OH !! That blue is drop dead grgeous! You must feel like you're drifting out to sea in that room. Gorgeous. Now you really must have the right bedspread and curtains. mmmmmm.

Loved the pups - How much are those doggies in the window?

Hope you got a deep advill induced sleep.

Sue Woo said...

Stunning, I say. Good job. Nice place to curl up.

Those 2 are looking like they are neglected which we know they are not. Cute.

sallyjo said...

Hey! We can do alliteration!
"Poor Pathetic Pups!"
There. That's all the sympathy they get from me.
I had French Blue trim in a kitchen in one apartment. I was so young and daring in that place! Forest green dining room, pale grape crush with full-out grape crush trim in the bath. Next house I won't be such a chicken.

Catherine said...

It's not quite as bright as it looks in the flash, it's a bit richer, but not really darker, if you know what I mean. The current curtains will work, they're a plain cream tab-top. New nightstands and carpet are next on the list.